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This Timeline Of All Emma Watson’s Looks From The Harry Potter Premieres Will Make You Feel Old

This Timeline Of All Emma Watsonâs Looks From The Harry Potter Premieres Will Make You Feel Old

Even though playing Hermione ruined her childhood, the Harry Potter film adaptations are what made Emma Watson‘s career blow up as quickly as it did. That, and how seamlessly she evolved into a massive style icon who’s great in interviews and incredible on the red carpet. Perfect example: that gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown from the Noah premiere. Speaking of premieres, let’s all take a walk down memory lane and check out every look Emma wore at the Harry Potter premieres, shall we? More »

Divergent Fashion: How To Dress For Your Faction

Divergent Fashion: How To Dress For Your Faction

In case you missed it, the biggest YA blockbuster since The Hunger Games hit theaters last night. Divergent is one of those movies guaranteed to be mobbed all weekend. No one really cares if our new favorite relatable starlet Shailene Woodley and sexier-than-Peeta Theo James are good or terrible in their roles, people will still go. I will be one of them. Luckily for all the die hard fans, dressing in character is significantly less crazy-looking for Divergent than it is for fantasy epics like Harry Potter or LOTR. All you need to do to get in the dystopian thriller spirit is throw on a few key pieces inspired by your favorite faction. More »

How To Fit In At SXSW

How To Fit In At SXSW

The South by Southwest Film Festival kicked off today and the SXSW Music Festival portion will begin next week. This means that thousands upon thousands of tech geeks, music nerds, pretentious film school grads, artists, producers and celebrities who couldn’t get backstage for Coachella will descend upon the city of Austin, Texas, infiltrating its every crux and Instagramming its every fried dish. More »

The Garbage People Of The ‘Fashion Police’ Pregnancy-Shame Elsa Pataky

The Garbage People Of The âFashion Policeâ Pregnancy-Shame Elsa Pataky

Things have been going so well in the world of body-shaming pregnant women. I haven’t read a headline about a post-baby body in weeks. But the garbage people (I’m sadly including you in this Joan Rivers) on E!’s Fashion Police decided that they would go after Elsa Pataky, the amazingly gorgeous and heavily pregnant wife of Chris Hemsworth, who is expecting twins. Pataky wore a Elie Saab gown with a drop waist to the Academy Awards on Sunday night, and even though her dress wasn’t my personal favorite dress of the evening, she looked gorgeous. I think you could basically put her in a dress constructed of burlap and twisty ties and she would still look gorgeous. But haters gonna hate, or in this case, The Fashion Police is gonna po-lice, and here is what they said: More »

It’s Time To Play Where In The World Are Jennifer Lawrence’s Underpants, Oscars Edition

It's Time To Play Where In The World Are Jennifer Lawrence's Underpants, Oscars Edition

Hollywood is a strange and ever-changing landscape, as is the fashion industry. It used to be that going commando on the red carpet was a special secret celebrities didn’t want you to know about until they inevitably exited a car like and we all found out. Nowadays it’s no secret, because the sheer panel has come into style, and the side butt reigns supreme. More »