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Here’s Why We’re Suspicious That Blake Lively’s Baby Name Is A Big Ol’ Hoax

Here's Why We're Suspicious That Blake Lively's Baby Name Is A Big Ol' Hoax

I was pretty blindsided by the fact that Blake Lively had her baby all the way back during the holidays, and neither she nor Ryan Reynolds even bothered to tell me, so now that there’s a rumored name floating around, I’m extra suspicious. You know that saying, right? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’ll invent a conspiracy theory about your baby’s name. More »

Crushable Ranks 2014′s Babies From Least To Most Intimidating

Crushable Ranks 2014's Babies From Least To Most Intimidating

As 2015 dawns, it’s time to rank fifteen of the celebrity babies born in 2014. And not in order of cuteness, so untwist your pantaloons — we’re doing this ish in order of intimidation factor. And since I’m really opening myself and my insecurities up to you here, just remember that ranking babies is cool and fine and great, and everybody does it all the time, SO JUST CHILL ALRIGHT. More »