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Virgin Viewing: The ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Virgin Viewing: The 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Back when I first started the Virgin Viewing column, there were a couple of movies that I could always mention and get a “You haven’t seen what?!” reaction from people: The Godfather, Back to the Future, and Star Wars. And since is this is my very last Virgin Viewing feature for Crushable, and I already saw The Godfather and Back to the Future, it seemed only right that I go out in grand style – barricading myself in my living room and watching the entire original Star Wars trilogy. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Karate Kid’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Karate Kid'

This week’s Virgin Viewing was one that several people had requested – that ’80s classic The Karate Kid. I thought Ralph Macchio was adorable on Dancing with the Stars last season, so I was interested in seeing what made him famous in the first place, and my friends quote that damn “wax on, wax off” line so often that I already knew what to expect from the movie. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Tombstone’

Virgin Viewing: 'Tombstone'

This week, I’m going to break the Virgin Viewing fourth wall a little bit. This column was inspired by my boyfriend, a massive movie buff who was bummed out that I kept missing his jokes/references. He has curated most of this list, and other than the fact that I completely disagree with him on the virtues of The Dark Knight, it has been a lot of fun. So this week we watched a movie that’s not necessarily a classic on the level of The Godfather or Casablanca, but just so happens to be my SO’s favorite. And so here we go: Tombstone. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Singin’ In the Rain’

Virgin Viewing: 'Singin' In the Rain'

This week, actress Debbie Reynolds held a huge auction of some of the Hollywood treasures she has accumulated over the years, including Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic white dress from The Seven Year Itch and a lock of original It girl Mary Pickford‘s hair. And reading about the auction made me realize I’d never seen a single one of Debbie’s films, including the one that is arguably her most famous, Singin’ in the Rain. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Purple Rain’

Virgin Viewing: 'Purple Rain'

If you go by Purple Rain‘s IMDB page, it looks like the movie is a joke: most of the cast members never appeared in a single other movie. On paper, it seems absolutely implausible that this movie happened. Prince is an awesome musician and performer, but his acting is cringeworthy. Apollonia is gorgeous, but she basically exists to be mostly naked. Morris Day is a badass, but his schtick wears thin. Basically, I feel the way about Purple Rain that I feel about porn: great performances, but why did they try to ruin it with all that storyline? More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Dark Knight’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Dark Knight'

Not all classics were made before I was born. Though many of the movies I’ve watched so far for this feature have been older than me, I realized that there are plenty of contemporary movies I’ve missed out on. One of those was The Dark Knight, the movie that will probably always be best known for winning Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar. And while the film is well-directed, brilliantly acted, and has great art direction, it’s not a movie I plan to re-watch. Because even though The Dark Knight is a good movie, it wasn’t an enjoyable movie. It turns out that something can be of incredibly high quality and still be absolutely terrible to watch. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Young Frankenstein’

Virgin Viewing: 'Young Frankenstein'

Although my friends reliably freak out every time I announce the name of yet another classic movie I’ve never seen, most of the time it’s understandable why I haven’t seen a particular film – I never watched The Godfather because I don’t like movies that glorify the mafia; I never saw The Exorcist because I scare easily. But there is absolutely no reason for making it this far without having seen Young Frankenstein because, well – that movie rules. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Goldfinger’

Virgin Viewing: 'Goldfinger'

A funny thing happened last week. I had decided to do a Virgin Viewing of a Bond movie, so I randomly selected one from each Bond, plopped them into a poll, and asked people to vote. And every single one of the movies lost. Dr. No and GoldenEye each got votes, but so many people left comments on the poll and on my Facebook wall saying that I had completely overlooked Goldfinger that the movie essentially won by write-in vote. So Goldfinger it was. More »

Poll: Which Bond Movie Should I Watch?

Poll: Which Bond Movie Should I Watch?

In my Virgin Viewing feature, I watch classic movies that I somehow never got around to seeing. Past entries have included a pretty wide selection of genres, from Disney (Mary Poppins) to horror (The Exorcist) to action-adventure (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Next up: a Bond movie. I’m going to let you guys decide which one I should see, since I currently don’t have a horse in the “Best Bond ever” race. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Top Gun’

Virgin Viewing: 'Top Gun'

Friday the 13th was Top Gun Day! Not only did I find out about this esteemed holiday too late, I also had never seen this iconic movie. Whenever there’s a movie on this list I haven’t gotten around to seeing, my reason is normally something like “I know who dies” or “I’ve already seen the Simpsons parody episode.” That was true of Top Gun. But the other thing keeping me from watching the movie was its star. Is it possible to watch a movie like Top Gun – which largely hinges on Tom Cruise‘s charm – and not think about couch-jumping and Scientology? More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Exorcist’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Exorcist'

Confession: I hate horror movies. Some people live for the adrenaline rush, but I’d rather get my blood pumping from yoga than from being scared out of my mind. So when it came time to watch an iconic horror movie for this series, I popped The Exorcist into my DVD player at 2 PM on a warm, sunny Sunday. The windows were all open and light was gushing in from every direction. And then I was ready. To laugh my face off, apparently. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Goonies’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Goonies'

One of the best things about doing this feature is that I’ve been able to catch up on pop culture references I was missing out on. And few movies are more beloved and quoted by my friends than The Goonies. Last week, when I watched Mary Poppins, I enjoyed the movie but figured that I would have liked it better had I watched it as a kid. With The Goonies I had the same fear: is it a movie you love because it’s just plain awesome, or is it a movie you love because it had major childhood nostalgia connected to it? Luckily, the answer is yes to both. More »