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‘The Challenge’ Awards: Don’t Mock Your Reality TV Castmate for Being on Reality TV

'The Challenge' Awards: Don't Mock Your Reality TV Castmate for Being on Reality TV

This week, the remaining Challengers leave Costa Rica and head to Buenos Aires, Argentina, which our girl Jenn pronounces “Bwaynos Airies.” We’re down to four guys’ teams and three girls’ teams. I guess that means TJ isn’t living in Mel Gibson‘s house anymore. When you watch this show on, there are little popups for each section of the episode, and the one for the first ten minutes is “The cast goes mental in Argentina.” Which is always a good way to start. More »

‘The Challenge’ Host TJ Lavin Is Living In Mel Gibson’s House

'The Challenge' Host TJ Lavin Is Living In Mel Gibson's House

While the cast members on The Challenge: Rivals are busy being drunken morons, what is host TJ Lavin doing? He gets his own nice digs far away from the cast, and this time, he’s staying at Mel Gibson‘s house in Costa Rica. Like, the very same house where Mel invited Britney Spears and her dad to hang out when she was recovering from the whole shaved-head incident. TJ’s assistant is there (TJ was in a bad accident last fall and is still recovering), but I hope he gets to invite some friends to hang out or something since it seems like a waste to be in that huge beautiful house by yourself. More »

‘The Challenge’ Awards: Maybe You Should Let Your Partner In On Your Terrible Plan

'The Challenge' Awards: Maybe You Should Let Your Partner In On Your Terrible Plan

I think I need to become friends with whoever edits The Challenge. Thanks to them, I have seen Kenny/Wes fail at challenges from just about every imaginable angle, and then they show it again. This week’s flashbacks are about how Wes and Kenny’s “strategy” keeps fucking up because they keep losing, and then segues into how both Laurel and Mandi totally want to jump on CT. Get in line, ladies. More »

‘The Challenge’ Awards: If You Don’t Vote With Us, You Have to Beat Us

'The Challenge' Awards: If You Don't Vote With Us, You Have to Beat Us

As you might have noticed, I did not recap The Challenge last week. Because I don’t have cable and like to get screencaps of the episodes, I watch them online. But decided that last week’s episode wouldn’t be available until August, so I had no way to watch it. However, I apparently missed Kenny being a loser and CT schooling everyone again, so I feel contented that nothing bad happened. So let’s get back to business, shall we? More »

‘The Challenge’ Awards: Crushing On the Enemy

'The Challenge' Awards: Crushing On the Enemy

Welcome to The Challenge: Rivals or, as a fellow old-school Real World/Road Rules Challenge friend of mine calls it “That show with all those annoying new people and CT.” We’re three episodes in, but not all the contestants have figured out that this whole “work with your worst enemy” thing is the conceit of the whole season and not a practical joke. This is why they need to bring back the spelling bee and trivia game challenges, because I love watching this brain trust have to break a sweat. Anyway, where were we? More »

‘The Challenge’ Awards: You Can Strategize All You Want But You Still Have to Win

'The Challenge' Awards: You Can Strategize All You Want But You Still Have to Win

On last week’s episode, some stuff happened. And even though I didn’t like CT and Adam being teammates, I liked the idea of CT schooling all the morons on this show. Robin and Aneesa bid farewell, which means that I will not get another chance to hear Aneesa utter one of my all time favorite Challengeisms, “I will cut you with words.” Anyway, let’s get back to this week’s episode, where everyone is acting like five-year-olds. Drunk five-year-olds. More »

The ‘Challenge’ Awards: Punching Someone Gets You Sent Home, Unless You’re CT

The 'Challenge' Awards: Punching Someone Gets You Sent Home, Unless You're CT

You guys, I love the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Even though it’s not really the Real World/Road Rules Challenge anymore because they haven’t aired Road Rules in like a decade (except that weird Viewer’s Revenge thing, which we’re not talking about) and most of the people on these shows now got started on Fresh Meat, so now the show is just called The Challenge. This year’s theme is “Rivals,” and that means the contestants are paired up with people they hate. I’m ready for another season of hookups, screaming, and bungee jumping. So let’s do this. More »

What Happens to ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’ Kids the Rest of the Year?

What Happens to 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge' Kids the Rest of the Year?

When I was little, I always thought teachers hibernated in the summer and lived in the teacher’s lounge, because I couldn’t comprehend that they had a world outside of school. And when I watch the biannual Real World/Road Rules Challenge series full of familiar faces, I assume that the contestants from the shows make enough money that they can just keep hanging out on MTV in a sort of perpetual spring break state. But that isn’t the case. Many of the Challenge regulars act so crazy and cutthroat on the show because their lives actually do depend on it – there are too few slots and too little prize money at stake, and it’s almost impossible to hold onto a grownup job when you want to take off two months at a time to go film a reality show in Tijuana. More »