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I Bet You Want A Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s Real World: Portland Episode

I Bet You Want A Sneak Peek Of Tonight's Real World: Portland Episode

I know you — you’re sitting at your desk right now being like, “Land sakes alive, I sure would like a preview clip of tonight’s episode of The Real World: Portland! After all, Joi left last week, and I can’t wait to see what in tarnation that new girl Nia gets up to!” First of all, you talk real funny, but I accept it, and second of all, you’re in luck, because you’ve come to the right place. More »

Real World: Portland — What’s Marlon’s Big Secret?

Real World: Portland -- What's Marlon's Big Secret?

Last night’s episode of Real World: Portland was called ‘Hot Air Jordan’, which I thought at first meant they’d be eating chili out of giant sneakers, but which in reality meant that roommate Jordan was full of hot air. And a lot of it. He seems to need to be right all the time, and with the larger-than-life personalities in the house, that can become a little…explosive. More »