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11 TV Shows That Should’ve Quit While They Were Ahead

11 TV Shows That Should've Quit While They Were Ahead

You know that thing of when you start watching a show, and you’re like, “This is literally the worst thing I’ve ever laid eyes on but I’ll watch it because I just shoved an entire pizza down my throat and if I move I’m afraid that I’ll somehow end up slowing down Earth’s orbit so I guess I’ll just stay here for a little while”? The ironic thing is, those are the shows that always end up having the longest runs on television. True story. More »

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Bother Protesting The Show My Husband’s Not Gay

Here's Why You Shouldn't Bother Protesting The Show My Husband's Not Gay

So remember that new TLC show that I told you guys about a couple weeks ago? It’s called My Husband’s Not Gayand it’s about a group of Mormon dudes who are attracted to men, but married to women. You know, AS YOU DO. And as excited as I am to watch this trainwreck, there are some people who are justifiably angry about it going on the air — the people who know that being gay or straight isn’t something you can choose. So…everybody. More »