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Watch Idina Menzel Sing ‘Let It Go’ At The Oscars, Then Rejoice That It Won Best Song

Watch Idina Menzel Sing 'Let It Go' At The Oscars, Then Rejoice That It Won Best Song

Even if you haven’t seen Frozen, you’ve probably sung “The cold never bothered me anyway” to give yourself strength before braving the blistery winter weather. So obviously we were all waiting with bated breath for Idina Menzel to perform the song at the 2014 Oscars. Those covers and mashups and parodies are great, but nothing compares to Elsa herself belting it out. More »

10 Upcoming Movie Remakes You’ll Actually Want to See

10 Upcoming Movie Remakes Youâll Actually Want to See

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There are plenty of movie remakes that just did not live up to its predecessors. Footloose is one; Fame is another; plus there are all those disastrous horror reboots we can’t unsee. Then there are those rare occasions when the reimagining is better than the original. (True Grit and Ocean’s Eleven come to mind.) And we think the latest edition of Fantastic Four may eventually grow to be a part of the latter group… More »