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Girls Is Terrible, And Such Small Portions: How To Lose Friends And Alienate Everyone

Girls Is Terrible, And Such Small Portions: How To Lose Friends And Alienate Everyone

I watched the most uncomfortable episode of Girls last night. Like, when I say uncomfortable, I mean I watched the whole thing through my hands like horror movie. Things were viscerally uncomfortable with Hannah vs. the ass splinter/Hannah vs. the q-tip. Socially with Marnie’s Kanye sing-along. And ultimately, the sex between Adam and Natalya makes me seriously question the purportedly “feminist” thesis of the show. Did that feel like rape to anyone else? Things were dark. If I were Jemima Kirke, I’d have been super relieved to be on maternity leave for this part of the season. But let’s just dive right into this, shall we? More »

What Will Lena Dunham’s $3.5 Million Book Deal Buy?

What Will Lena Dunham's $3.5 Million Book Deal Buy?

It’s official: following a feverish bidding war, Lena Dunham has sold her “advice” book to Random House for some undisclosed amount over $3.5 million, the last reported bid. That’s a lot of bathtub cupcakes! Like most TV critics, I tend to conflate the real Lena with Hannah Horvath, as well as all the other characters on Girls. Hence, I give you: 12 desirable items from the Girls-verse that $3.5 million could buy a lot of. More »

Crushable’s Guide to the New Guys On ‘Mad Men’

Crushable's Guide to the New Guys On 'Mad Men'

Don’t think that we haven’t been paying attention to you this season, Mad Men. We care about you the way Don cares about his older son: We think about you a lot, probably, we just haven’t gotten around to talking about you, ever. But you still exist, and this season you’ve grown a lot! Don is sad! He’s letting just about everyone know his secrets these days! Alison Brie has gotten super-pregnant over the course of 3 episodes! Vietnam! But most importantly: a lot more 20-somethings goofing off in the lounge. We may have lost Kinsey and Sal, but now we have “that jock-jerk art guy,” “the really cute but definitely an asshole freelancer,” “the Jew” and “the lesbian.” Here’s Crushable’s guide to the new guys and gals on the show! More »