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Crushable Guessing Game: ’30 Minutes or Less’ or Another Outlandish Comedy?

Crushable Guessing Game: '30 Minutes or Less' or Another Outlandish Comedy?

In 30 Minutes or Less, criminal Danny McBride orders a pizza, straps a bomb on the delivery guy (Jesse Eisenberg) instead, and informs him he has mere hours to rob a bank before he goes kablooey. An unbelievable comedy with dysfunctional characters and an awkward hero? We’ve seen this so many times before before, often with the same actors (30 Min has another criminal in Nick Swarsdon, and Aziz Ansari as the friend Jesse ropes into this fool’s errand.) Honestly, every other over-the-top comedy is starting to blur together. We’ve picked out a bunch of stills and mapped out the tropes that you’d see in more than one; it’s your job to figure out which movie is which, before the ticking bomb under your shirt counts reaches zero. (See what we did there?) More »

Video: The ‘Best’ Of Emma Stone on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Video: The 'Best' Of Emma Stone on 'Saturday Night Live'

Going into last night’s Saturday Night Live, I couldn’t remember why I was supposed to care about Emma Stone again. Was she the one from Harry Potter? No, that’s Emma Watson. Julia Robert‘s niece? No, that’s Emma Roberts. Too many Emmas! But then I remembered that the Easy A star also played the love interest in Zombieland, which is one of my favorite movies, so I had high hopes. Too bad Emma, despite being an awesome actress with a lovely, deep voice, couldn’t seem to work with any of the flat material the writers gave her to work with. That being said, there were still some funny segments of last night’s SNL! Let’s check them out here. More »