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30 Crazy Moments In Britney Spears’ Life In Honor Of Her 30th Birthday

30 Crazy Moments In Britney Spears' Life In Honor Of Her 30th Birthday

So Britney Spears turned 30 today. Are we the only ones who feel ancient at this news? Hell, I remember bouncing around my room to “Oops… I Did It Again” in fourth grade. And yet it’s not too difficult to envision her as 30, since she’s lived several lifetimes thanks to her tumultuous relationships, mental/emotional instability, and ever-changing image from bubblegum pop girl to trashy hasbeen to somewhat-adjusted woman.

So much nonsense and soul-sucking sadness happened that you’d think her life was a reality show. Then she actually got a reality show. Here’s our roughly chronological journey through the high and low points of Britney’s personal life and career. More »

This Guy’s Really Into ‘Avatar’

This Guy's Really Into 'Avatar'

A Typepad blogger named Ray Knowles just got his seventh Neytiri from Avatar tattoo — but unfortunately none of them are in 3D. Just to be on the safe side, we’ve decided to request a restraining order on Zoe Saldana‘s behalf. (Although somehow there’s a wedding ring on this guy’s finger, so maybe he’s just really into Na’vi blue?)

Hey, we bet we can guess what Ray’s favorite movie is! (Last Tango In Paris.)
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