So The New Ke$ha Video For ‘Crazy Kids’ Is Pretty Weird, Huh?

So The New Ke$ha Video For 'Crazy Kids' Is Pretty Weird, Huh?

This should surprise zero percent of you, but Ke$ha‘s new video for her single ‘Crazy Kids’ is pretty effing weird. Yeah let me say that again, just to make sure you didn’t miss any of it — this girl with the dollar sign in her name who’s infamous for having sex with ghosts and drinking her own urine? Yeah, her new song, with the word ‘crazy’ literally in the title? It’s weird. In case you weren’t expecting that. More »

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates ‘My Humps’ Too

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates 'My Humps' Too

I think that The Black Eyed Peas are responsible for many of the most annoying songs in the world, and now someone else agrees with me – the band’s frontman Will.I.Am. In an interview, he explained that when the band was first getting big he felt obligated to play their radio hits, but now that they’re huge stars or whatever he realizes that “My Humps” isn’t his masterpiece and he resents playing it. Yeah, and I resent listening to it, dude. More »

Crushable Books: Taboo’s ‘Fallin’ Up: Keep It On the Positive’

Crushable Books: Taboo's 'Fallin' Up: Keep It On the Positive'

Taboo (real name: Jaime Gomez) is best known as “the guy in the Black Eyed Peas who isn’t Will.I.Am and kind of dresses like Neo from The Matrix.” So when a copy of his memoir, Fallin’ Up, landed on my desk, my immediate reaction was “Why?” But reading the book has given me some insight into who Taboo is and actually made me respect him. While his own story is interesting – he grew up Latino in East L.A., had a kid young, and met his future BEP bandmates when they were doing rap and B-boy battles – it’s, sadly, the parts of his book about other celebrities that are the most interesting. More »