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10 Suggestions For Who Should Host The View Now That They’re All Dropping Like Flies

10 Suggestions For Who Should Host The View Now That They're All Dropping Like Flies

The hosts of ABC’s let’salltalkovereachother show The View are dropping like flies. First it was announced that long-time co-host and professional shirt-tugger Joy Behar would be leaving. Then rumors started swirling that Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s contract wasn’t being renewed (I read it on the Internet, so it’s obviously true!) Now sources are suggesting that Barbara Walters is considering an exit. More »

Disney Understands Viral Marketing, Releases ‘Blooper Reel’ for The Lion King 3-D

Disney Understands Viral Marketing, Releases 'Blooper Reel' for The Lion King 3-D

Did you even know that there was a 3-D version of Lion King being re-released in theaters? Neither did we until very recently, but suffice to say it’s a head-scratcher. Why the need to mess with a childhood favorite, and will people even shell out the money to see it? We may never know, but we will definitely watch this blooper reel that Disney put out to drum up interest in the movie. In the video, Simba, Scar, and Mufasa screw up their lines and miss cues, just like live actors.

But it did make us ask one big question: Which came first, the flubbed lines or the animation? More »

Deciphering the ‘Ghost’ Musical Trailer As Someone Who’s Never Seen ‘Ghost’

Deciphering the 'Ghost' Musical Trailer As Someone Who's Never Seen 'Ghost'

Obviously I know what Ghost is about: Patrick Swayze gets killed in a mugging, but his spirit continues to linger around mourning girlfriend Demi Moore, who hires a medium played by Whoopi Goldberg to try and communicate with him. But I know nothing about the characters’ lives — aside from Moore’s predilection for pottery — or how the movie ends.

London’s Piccadilly Theatre is premiering Ghost The Musical, which looks to be a bit flashier than the 1990 movie. Going only by the newly-released trailer, and without peeking at Wikipedia, here are my predictions for the plot. More »

Video Gallery: Neil Patrick Harris and Other Awesome Hosts of the Tony Awards

Video Gallery: Neil Patrick Harris and Other Awesome Hosts of the Tony Awards

Hey everyone, remember that rumor floating around that Neil Patrick Harris was going to host this year’s Tony Awards? Well, it’s not a rumor anymore! On Tuesday, it was announced that Harris will, in fact, emcee the 2011 ceremony. In the press release, Harris notes that he’s both “honored” and “stoked” to have been asked to host. “It should be a great show,” he says. “We’ve got a fantastic mix of live performances, a few secret surprises, and since they’re closed for retooling, we’re using all the rigging equipment from Spider-Man. What could possibly go wrong?” Ceremony producers Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss go on to say that they’re thrilled to have him, and that they’re “even happier he fits in the Spider-Man rigging.” More »

‘Wax Whoopi Goldberg, Reposed’

'Wax Whoopi Goldberg, Reposed'

We know that this wax figure of Whoopi Goldberg on display at Madame Tussaud’s is to commemorate the West End’s production of Sister Act, but it’s much funnier to think about it as some weird senior’s art thesis project. “The statement I was trying to make with this piece is that America’s morality is now filtered through mediums such as The View and the 24-hour news-cycle. Whoopi as a nun represents the merging of television and religion. Also, screw you dad, this wasn’t a waste of an education.” More »