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Ladies Be Filmin’: NBC’s Whitney

Ladies Be Filminâ: NBC's Whitney

First things first: while Whitney has a lot of problems, it is, blessedly, nowhere near as bad as the godawful advertising campaign (brilliantly discussed at Splitsider and parodied by Best Week Ever) indicated. Sure, there are a lot of hacky jokes about gender (it’s funny when people act like the opposite gender from what they are!) and sure, the laugh track is grating, but I didn’t hate it nearly as much as I thought I would. More »

5 Facts About Whitney Cummings

5 Facts About Whitney Cummings

Comedian Whitney Cummings is most definitely the woman of the hour. Her eponymous half-hour comedy Whitney premieres tonight on NBC, just two days after the first ep of the show she co-created with Michael Patrick King, 2 Broke Girls. So, did this dark-haired funnylady come from nowhere, or what? Here are five things to know about Whitney: More »

Best Week Ever’s Fake Posters Sum Up Our Feelings On ‘Whitney’ Succinctly

Best Week Ever's Fake Posters Sum Up Our Feelings On 'Whitney' Succinctly

As we have already spent time telling you, the promotional materials for NBC’s new show Whitney make it look like the whole of the show’s “humor” lies in reiterating sexist stereotypes about men and women. Women love to shop and cry! Men love to look at boobs and watch football! And so forth. Well, the cut-ups over at Best Week Ever seem to agree with us, and they took it one step further by making some awesome Photoshopped posters that capture the ad campaign’s true spirit. Click through for two more. More »

What We Think NBC’s Whitney Is About Based on the Publicity Photos

What We Think NBCâs Whitney Is About Based on the Publicity Photos

A few months ago I had barely even heard of Whitney Cummings, and now she has her own television show, made by and about her. First of all, since when did networks start naming shows after comedians again? I’m pretty sure when Seinfeld ended, everyone just sort of agreed “okay cool, no more eponyms.” And Louie doesn’t count here – it’s cable. So what the heck is Whitney, the program and the comedienne, about? Here’s what I think we can expect based on the publicity photos. More »