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Alcoholic Whipped Cream? Yes, Please

Alcoholic Whipped Cream? Yes, Please

And here we thoughts whippits went out of style after high school graduation. But there’s a product that’s got parents worried about dessert toppings again: alcoholic whipped cream.

Companies like Cream and White Lightning are selling canisters filled with 30 proof cream. Which naturally has parents and concerned citizens worried about alcohol poisoning. And us worried about one thing: Where do we get some?

Come on. It’s called White Lightning? These people are just pandering to the Four Loko/Bros Icing Bros crowd. And it will probably work. More »

White Lightning’s got it right – One of Crushable’s favorite fashion bloggers Elizabeth Spiradakis, aka White Lightning, has pointed out the uncanny resemblance of Emma Watson to “early 90s Jennifer Jason Leigh.” Good one! (via FeelsLikeWhiteLightning)