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My Friends And I Got High And Reviewed Some Pop Music Videos (Happy 420!)

My Friends And I Got High And Reviewed Some Pop Music Videos (Happy 420!)

Happy 420, everyone! I hope your day is as full of fun, friends, and gravity bongs as your stoney heart desires. In honor of this important holiday, I invited some friends over to get super stoned and watch some teenybopper videos with me, as one does on 420 (and because EIC Jenni Maier asked me to). To maximize the purity of our reactions, we were not allowed to even see what the videos were until after we were already high. And yes, that photo is me smoking w33d out of a carrot. What of it? More »

Crushable Books: Weedopedia

Crushable Books: Weedopedia

Confession: I am not the Weedopedia‘s intended audience. I have not been, and never will be, a proper stoner. The most paranoia I associate with marijuana is the fear that everyone I come in contact with (friends, family, the occasional senator or media mogul…) smokes more pot than I do, and is therefore irrecoverably more “cool” than me. The last time I got anything close like stoned I watched someone impersonate a robot, rearrange the living room furniture, and create a television show in their head where they got to tell other people to “Get their sh*t together.” I do not need more of that in my life, thanks.

On the other hand, Weedopedia, writted by one Will B. High, is a very informative and useful book that will help me pass as a cool kid the next time I go hang out under the bleachers during a football game. More »

Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker’s Holiday

Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker's Holiday

Thanksgiving is coming up in two weeks, which means for most of us it’s time to pack all our dirty laundry for mom to do, stock up on Valium, and head home to see the family. As you grow older though, something strange happens: Thanksgiving is no longer about listening to your parents fight with your grandma, or the last minute rush after the oven stops working and you need to put the turkey in the neighbor’s stove. No, Thanksgiving has been deemed the official holiday made possible by marijuana. More »

‘DO GLUE GET YOU HIGH?’ and Other Teen Drug Questions, Answered

'DO GLUE GET YOU HIGH?' and Other Teen Drug Questions, Answered

The best thing going on on the Internet right now: Researchers from the National Institute of Drug Abuse are answering high schoolers questions on a public chat board. It’s really informative actually, but reminds us exactly how stupid and ill-informed we were about drugs back in high school. Also, it’s hysterical, watching people with PhDs in drug research try to answer questions that you’d usually find on Yahoo message boards. Our favorite questions and answers below: More »

Crushable Quotable: Apparently that was real pot Zach Galifianakis Smoked on ‘Bill Maher’

Crushable Quotable: Apparently that was real pot Zach Galifianakis Smoked on 'Bill Maher'

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about Zach Galifianakis’ Real Time with Bill Maher weed stunt. Bill himself claimed that the joint was filled with cloves and not real pot, but the other guest on the show that night, Republican strategist Margaret Hoover has a different story to tell. She claims Zach did, in fact, light up a real, live illegal-drug-laden joint:

“If you’ve been to a rock concert, you know that pot makes these big, billowy white clouds, and it didn’t do that. So I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. And nobody was sure if it was real or not… It was defnitely not cloves. I asked Zach afterwards, he said it was THC-free marijuana.”

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