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16 Memorable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

16 Memorable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Let’s face it: There’s really only one reason we’re interested in celebrity weddings, and that reason is the dresses. Whether they’re absolutely gorgeous or staggeringly awful, we love seeing what famous people are wearing. Feel like oggling some crazy dresses for a minute? Take a peek here! Some of them are beautiful and some of them are atrocious, but either way, these dresses are likely to stick in your memory. Strike up the band and get that aisle ready! More »

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Marry In a Civil Ceremony

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Marry In a Civil Ceremony

Between Prince Albert and Kate Moss, there’s a whole lot of glam marrying going on this weekend. Although the formal religious ceremony between Albert and his bride Charlene Wittstock takes place tomorrow, they had a smaller civil ceremony today. That means we can already start calling her Princess Charlene. And can we talk about how great that color looks on her, and how pretty the lace at the bottom of her skirt is? More »

Snap This: Kate Moss’ Wedding Dress

Snap This: Kate Moss' Wedding Dress

Supermodel Kate Moss and longtime boyfriend Jamie Hince finally tied the knot today at Kate’s estate in the English countryside. John Galliano, the former Dior designer who is currently on trial in France for making anti-Semitic comments, designed the gown especially for Kate. I’m loving the champagne color (not everyone has to stick with white!) and the gold glitter at the bottom. More »

Gallery: Our Favorite Details of the Outrageous Dresses on ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’

Gallery: Our Favorite Details of the Outrageous Dresses on 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has been airing on TLC for only about a month, and already the British series is coming to an end — the finale, “My Big Royal Gypsy Wedding,” airs tomorrow at 10 p.m. EST. The show has everything a guilty-pleasure series needs: Sassy young brides, bare-knuckle fist fights, and the dresses. Oh, the bedazzled, glow-in-the-dark, slit-up-to-here gowns. We’ve collected the best ones from the season, but since they all have to be eye-poppingly ostentatious in order to fit gypsy tradition, we’ve also highlighted the best elements of each highly original dress. More »

Video: An ‘Inception’ Reception

Video: An 'Inception' Reception

Ever since Inception came out, it’s been a trend to Inception-ize the most common, everyday things: Cats, My Little Ponies… and now wedding receptions. The Mary Sue recommends that you watch this video at least until the 1:30 mark. They are absolutely correct. And before you ask, yes, this IS from someones ACTUAL WEDDING RECEPTION. Furthermore, they did, in fact, arrive by helicopter. Just make sure to keep an eye on that spinning top.
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Does Anyone Actually Want to Watch Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s Wedding on TV?

Does Anyone Actually Want to Watch Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's Wedding on TV?

Neither Nick Lachey nor Vanessa Minnillo has a job right now, but that hasn’t stopped them from using their upcoming wedding to try and seem relevant. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen photos from their his-and-hers bridal shower and engagement party. Now, TLC has announced that they’re going to air the couple’s wedding in a one-off special tentatively titled Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding. More »

Questionable Choices: Track Palin’s Wedding Photo

Questionable Choices: Track Palin's Wedding Photo

Sarah Palin‘s oldest child, Track Palin, just got married. Track, unlike his sister Bristol Palin, has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, although he did make a camo in mom’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska reality show. Track just got hitched to longtime girlfriend Britta Hanson. While they both look really cute and happy in this photo and there didn’t seem to be any TV cameras at the ceremony, I have to wonder if fleeces were really appropriate wedding attire. More »