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Video: ‘Harry Potter’ Meets ‘The Book of Mormon’

Video: 'Harry Potter' Meets 'The Book of Mormon'

Daniel Radcliffe is on Broadway right now in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, so it only makes sense that the next step was combining Harry Potter and a Broadway musical. Youtuber Tessa Netting enlisted friends to make this great mashup of Harry Potter and The Book of Mormon. Even though the resemblances aren’t perfect (a brunette Hermione?), the song parody is pitch-perfect. More »

Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t: The Wyoming Incident

Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren't: The Wyoming Incident

Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t is a series that explores modern urban legends, bringing you a new tale each week.

Hijacking is a frightening concept. Whether it’s an airplane getting hijacked by a person or a person getting hijacked by something else, the idea of losing control over something you thought you had complete control over has the power to terrify more than you might necessarily think possible. But terrify, it does. Have you ever heard of broadcast signal intrusion? It’s a real thing; it’s what happens when clever people manage to hack their way into radio, television… anything broadcasting a signal. Once they’ve taken over, the hackers can disseminate anything they like over a frequency that is not theirs to use. Naturally, you can see the problems inherent in such an intrusion. You can also probably see that this is the basis for this week’s tale, which we’ll call: