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4 More Reasons Vinny Guadagnino Might Have Quit ‘Jersey Shore’

4 More Reasons Vinny Guadagnino Might Have Quit 'Jersey Shore'

Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Vinny Guadagnino was spotted packing up his stuff and moving out of the Jersey Shore house. He reportedly said that he was “burned out,” which makes sense considering the cast went straight from Italy to Point Pleasant without taking a break in filming. There have also been rumors that Vinny got into a fight with another member of the cast (I’m guessing either Ronnie or The Situation, since Vinny and Pauly seem to be really tight and Pauly was seen helping Vinny pack). Vinny’s now back in Staten Island with his mom, who is probably ironing his underwear, making him food, and telling him what a special snowflake he is. But are there other reasons Vinny might have left the show? More »

Is Jersey Shore’s Vinny The Most Fake Character On TV?

Is Jersey Shore's Vinny The Most Fake Character On TV?

Who could have guessed a little over a year ago that 8 self-proclaimed guidos would steal the heart and imagination of the entire country? Now we have John McCain tweeting at Snooki, Bristol Palin performing in a PSA with The Situation, and Sammi getting hit on by Diddy. We’ve come to love these ridiculous human beings, in part because they don’t seem to change no matter how famous they get. Except for one: Vinny Guadagnino. More »

Gallery: Celebrities Get Spooky for Halloween

Gallery: Celebrities Get Spooky for Halloween

Even though Halloween is technically tonight, famous people (like the rest of us), have jobs on Monday! So time to celebrate early, with a gallery of our favorite stars and their bizarre, intricate, and sometimes downright lazy costume choices. Rachel Zoe didn’t even bother to get dressed up this year, d’oi. Vinny and Pauly D. from the Jersey Shore went as “normal people.” And we’re not really sure what Kendra Wilkinson or Carmen Electra are doing, but it scares us. Check it out! More »

Celeb Tweetup: Spooky Freaks and Pimps

Celeb Tweetup: Spooky Freaks and Pimps

Halloween is the scariest time of the year besides tax auditing time, but it’s also a fun time to work out your weirdest fantasies! Always wanted to be a pimp, but are too much of a wimp? Wanted to be weird but are too mainstream? Wanted to be your ex-girlfriend but not develop a coke habit? It’s time for celebrities to celebrate Halloween on Twitter! More »

Jersey Shore Cliff Notes 2×12: Burning Down the House

Jersey Shore Cliff Notes 2x12: Burning Down the House

We knew this day would come eventually: the day that’s been foreshadowed on Jersey Shore since the first season, when the boys almost blew up the house when they put lighter fluid on a gas grill. Or when every dinner scene ended with something on fire or being accidentally toppled over…we knew that this was all leading somewhere. And last night on the penultimate episode of the Miami season, viewers got their wish. The kids of Jersey Shore all got caught in a terrible fire started by Mike‘s dinner and died of smoke inhalation. (Editor’s note: No, they didn’t.) More »

Celeb TweetUp: Celebrity Do-Over Edition

Celeb TweetUp: Celebrity Do-Over Edition

Celebrities get confused sometimes too, guys! Today in the celebrity twitterverse, there was a lot of apologizing. Or, for some, cursing out their critics. Let’s just put it this way: try not to get on Ice T‘s bad side.

For starters, Vinny Guadagnino from The Jersey Shore had a lot of apologizing to do this morning:
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