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Hot Shot: Vincent Piazza, Ashlee Simpson’s New Boyfriend

Hot Shot: Vincent Piazza, Ashlee Simpson's New Boyfriend

This is Vincent Piazza from Boardwalk Empire — you know, that show you spent eight hours of your life trying so hard to like, until finally you realized, “You know what? I have free will and, frankly, this series is boring so I’m not going to watch it. I’m just going to shut it off and read a book. A celebrity biography, maybe.” And then you walked around all huffy for two days, with a sense of moral superiority. Am I projecting?

Anyway, Vincent Piazza plays the character Lucky Luciano in Boardwalk, and he’s totally dating Ashlee Simpson: the two have been spotted making out all over town. Not a bad rebound if we say so ourselves. More »

Celebrity Look-Alike Gallery: ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Poor Man’s Edition

Celebrity Look-Alike Gallery: 'Boardwalk Empire' Poor Man's Edition

Each week during Boardwalk Empire, hunched over our laptops and hazy with HBO schwag wine, there comes a point when we look up and exclaim “Wait, is that Leighton Meester?” Or “What’s Robert Pattinson doing on HBO” After four episodes, we’ve basically come to the conclusion that everyone on Boardwalk is the poor man’s version of somebody else. And that’s without even getting into the Steve Buscemi/Christopher Walken thing. More »