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Interview: Nickelodeon Star Liz Gillies on the ‘iParty with Victorious’ Crossover

Interview: Nickelodeon Star Liz Gillies on the 'iParty with Victorious' Crossover

This weekend, Nickelodeon unites its two major shows, iCarly and Victorious, in a 90-minute TV special called iParty with Victorious. In the crossover, Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Tori (Victoria Justice) discover that they’re dating the same guy; when Carly and her pals head down to L.A. to catch the cheating boyfriend in the act, the Hollywood Arts kids get to meet the stars of their favorite webshow. Oh, and Nick alum Kenan Thompson shows up playing himself.

Earlier this week, we chatted with Victorious star Liz Gillies, who plays mean girl Jade, about getting to know the iCarly cast better and whether the 17-year-old will get to attend a non-TV prom. More »

Prom Flick Check List: ‘Victorious’

Prom Flick Check List: 'Victorious'

We’re nearing the end of prom season, but there’s at least one more TV show that took a stab at the most revered of high school events: Nickelodeon’s Victorious had an episode last weekend called “Prom Wrecker,” in which Tori’s (Victoria Justice) big dance threatened to upstage Jade’s (Liz Gillies) one-woman show. Let’s see if the whole episode made the grade.

Victorious‘ Prom List Rating: 45 More »

7 Notable TV Crossovers

7 Notable TV Crossovers

When we interviewed Liz Gillies at the Victorious press junket, she mentioned that her show would be doing a crossover with Nickelodeon’s other big earner, iCarly, called iParty with Victorious: “It’s wild and fun, and there’s a really cool guest star.” With the special airing on June 11, Nick just released a behind-the-scenes video of stars Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice, plus their respective casts, performing a mash-up of their theme songs. Yep, they take the idea of a TV crossover very seriously. Oh, and Kenan Thompson is gonna be on it. More »