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How I Almost Hooked Up With My Fantasy Crush

How I Almost Hooked Up With My Fantasy Crush

When I was in high school, I had a crush on this MTV guy. I’m not going to set off his Google alert, but suffice it to say he had glasses (oh, did he ever!) and seemed like the kind of nice Jewish boy I’d like to talk about literature and the news with while snuggling. After high school, I kind of forgot about him, but when a mutual friend offered to bring me to his birthday party a few years ago (’09), I took him up on the offer. More »

Gallery: VICE Recreates Its ‘Dos and Don’ts’ with Kids

Gallery: VICE Recreates Its 'Dos and Don'ts' with Kids

For better or worse, VICE’s “Dos and Don’ts” are essentially a cultural institution at this point. The street style photographs and accompanying wit-laden snap judgments are definitely the last word on what to wear if you want to get into VICE’s “Dos and Dont’s” column. VICE took their obsession with absurdity in fashion a step farther and put kids in those same street style looks. That move was most certainly a “Do.” More »

TV Premiere Report: ‘The Vice Guide To Everything’

TV Premiere Report: 'The Vice Guide To Everything'

The Vice Guide to Everything is a new MTV docu-series from mag founder Shane Smith that tacks Vice‘s unique brand of dirt and glitter to investigative stories of culture, politics, and chicks. On Wednesday night, I pulled out my most coolly contemptuous look (winter box, next to a Santa Sweater) and headed to the premiere.

Before the screening, there was a cocktail hour (lest we be expected to site through an hour of television sober!) where we were served mixed drinks of Coke and Sailor Jerry brand spiced rum — which, all Ed Hardy associations aside, was actually rather delicious. Spike Jonze (who appeared in the pilot episode) was there along with Nick Zinner from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and lots of good-looking kids. More »