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Did Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy Bump Knock Her Off Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Cover?

Did Natalie Portman's Pregnancy Bump Knock Her Off Vanity Fair's Hollywood Cover?

With the Oscars only a few sort weeks away, Hollywood has kicked into high gear to promote its stars, and Vanity Fair has obliged with its annual Hollywood issue. Just like every year, the cover is filled with lots of hot young actors and actresses all dressed to the nines (click on the above image to see the whole thing). But one lady is decidedly missing from this portrait: Natalie Portman.

Did her pregnancy bump throw off the whole sexy young vibe? I think it did. More »

Lady Gaga Still Defending Drug Use

Lady Gaga Still Defending Drug Use

Okay, I’m sorry…were there some people out there who were surprised to find out that Lady Gaga – the young woman who dresses herself like a sparkly Matthew Barney picture every day – turned out to like herself some recreational drug use? Sure, she probably doesn’t have to be so blatant about it, but then how would she turn into her idol, Madonna? More »

Alexis Neiers Talks Bling-Ring Incident To ‘Vanity Fair’ – Unsurprisingly, Bling Ring suspect and Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers can’t help but overshare what she should probably keep quiet until her court date once the cameras are turned on and Vanity Fair is paying attention. (E! Online)