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Virgin Viewing: ‘Tombstone’

Virgin Viewing: 'Tombstone'

This week, I’m going to break the Virgin Viewing fourth wall a little bit. This column was inspired by my boyfriend, a massive movie buff who was bummed out that I kept missing his jokes/references. He has curated most of this list, and other than the fact that I completely disagree with him on the virtues of The Dark Knight, it has been a lot of fun. So this week we watched a movie that’s not necessarily a classic on the level of The Godfather or Casablanca, but just so happens to be my SO’s favorite. And so here we go: Tombstone. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Top Gun’

Virgin Viewing: 'Top Gun'

Friday the 13th was Top Gun Day! Not only did I find out about this esteemed holiday too late, I also had never seen this iconic movie. Whenever there’s a movie on this list I haven’t gotten around to seeing, my reason is normally something like “I know who dies” or “I’ve already seen the Simpsons parody episode.” That was true of Top Gun. But the other thing keeping me from watching the movie was its star. Is it possible to watch a movie like Top Gun – which largely hinges on Tom Cruise‘s charm – and not think about couch-jumping and Scientology? More »

Crush Links: Demi Lovato’s Hair Is Back To Brown

Crush Links: Demi Lovato's Hair Is Back To Brown

Everyone rest easy. Demi Lovato has returned to her natural hair color. (People)

That was a good decision. A contestant from America’s Got Talent knew his wife had been missing for days, but chose to audition rather than look for her. And now she’s dead. (TMZ)

Want. Characters from The Breakfast Club, recreated in needlepoint. (Buzzfeed)

The stars of Glee are releasing a Christmas album. (celebuzz)

Sign us up! Francis Ford Coppola is on tap to direct a new horror-thriller, starring Val Kilmer, called “Twixt Now and Sunrise.” [Deadline]

The trailer for Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never,” the Biebs’ new “documentary musical” is out. (MTV) Video after the jump. More »