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The 5 Most Valubable Things I’ve Learned From Watching America’s Next Top Model

The 5 Most Valubable Things I've Learned From Watching America's Next Top Model

Today is Tyra Banks’s 40th birthday, and in honor of Tyra reaching the big 4-0 while managing to still be one of the most beautiful women in the world, it’s time to celebrate her greatest gift to pop culture. Because even though you may feel as if those Saturdays spent on the couch watching unfairly skinny girls compete in weirdo challenges and photo shoots were an unproductive waste of time, I’m here to tell you that you probably learned a lot. I know I sure did. More »

10 Celebrities Who Dabbled In Singing Whose Songs You Secretly Loved

10 Celebrities Who Dabbled In Singing Whose Songs You Secretly Loved

As a shameless lover of mindless pop music and celebrities making fools of themselves, there’s nothing quite like the joy I feel when an actor or socialite or model releases a song. And as much as you might cover your ears and roll your eyes at all the auto-tuned ridiculousness contained in these videos, I bet you’ve secretly danced along to one or two of them. Admit it. More »

14 Of Hollywood’s Most Lovable Weirdos

14 Of Hollywood's Most Lovable Weirdos

As a weirdo moving about the world, I recognize other weirdos when I see them. They have a kind of fuzzy aura about them, that you have to squint to see, oh and also they’re total outward weirdos and everyone knows they’re weird. But they’re also wondrous humans and they deserve your love too, so let’s spend an afternoon together in celebration of them. More »