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The Problem With Whitney Isn’t Its Star, It’s The Title

The Problem With Whitney Isnât Its Star, Itâs The Title

NBC star Whitney Cummings has been a lightning rod for negative attention this TV season. She’s got two shows in prime time, both of which are part of the reason this was supposed to “the season of funny women ruling prime time.” There’s reason to believe that she could have been our next funny feminist icon. The problem is that a lot of women don’t like her. Or her shows.

Just yesterday, Emily Nussbaum at The New Yorker called her “this year’s sexy-girl hate magnet.”

I never thought I’d be a Whitney apologist, but I think some of the vitriol aimed at Whitney Cummings’ eponymous show is misplaced tall poppy syndrome.

Not since CougarTown has a show been more poorly titled. More »

Ladies Be Filmin’: 2 Broke Girls

Ladies Be Filminâ: 2 Broke Girls

The fall TV season is underway and, despite the ever-lower numbers of women in the writers’ rooms, it’s being hailed as the year of the women: 17 out of the 25 new scripted shows on the Big Five networks are female-centered and many were created by women. In this series, comedian Leila Cohan-Miccio watches the new female-centered shows and evaluates how realistic their portrayals of women actually are. And now, the first of this week’s two Whitney Cummings-penned pilots, 2 Broke Girls. More »