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Video Gallery: The Best Of Twin Brothers

Video Gallery: The Best Of Twin Brothers

One of our favorite parts of The Social Networks was watching Armie Hammer take on two roles as the Winklevoss twins. And then there’s Leaves of Grass, the small comedy film just released on DVD that has Edward Norton playing a pair of wildly different identical twins. What’s with all the brotherly love? we don’t know, but we sure aren’t complaining. We’ve put together a gallery of the best twin bros to grace the silver screen. More »

How Many Male Actor Twins Are On Television, Anyway? – Yesterday’s blind item about C-list celebrity twins that took a strip club visit too far made us think it had to be connected to the famous bro talking about his drug problems in this week’s People…unless you guys can think of any other two-of-a-kinds out there. (Crazy Days And Nights)

Pitt Twins? Surely not…

Pitt Twins?  Surely not...

News from London, via Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie is reportedly expecting twins with Brad Pitt, and the her double pregnancy could be the result of fertility treatment. “Angelina is overjoyed. Getting pregnant with one of Brad’s children would have … More »