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5 Facts About Anonymous Star Xavier Samuel

5 Facts About Anonymous Star Xavier Samuel

The new movie Anonymous plays off the controversial theory that another man wrote Shakespeare‘s plays. In the thriller, Australian actor Xavier Samuel plays the Earl of Southampton, who many believe to be the “Fair Youth” that Shakespeare addresses in his sonnets.

We’ll give Xavier that—though he’s 27, he’s just broken onto the scene thanks to a supporting role in one of the Twilight movies. And he’s not hard on the eyes. So what else do you need to know about this Aussie lad? More »

Jack Huston…Revealed!

Jack Huston...Revealed!

From Twilight suitor to Boardwalk Empire mobster, Jack Huston‘s had enough supporting roles this year to earn him a Lifetime Achievement Award. But it will be the 28-year-old’s starring role as the bleached-blond Hemingway surrogate David Bourne in the just-released Garden of Eden that will ultimately convince fans that they’ve found themselves a new heartthrob. Before they do, here’s 5 facts that you don’t know about Jack. More »

Go See Twilight: Eclipse For Free This Weekend! - In honor of Bella Swan’s (a fictional character, remember) imaginary birthday, the second Twilight film will be back on the big screens, for free! Wish theaters did this for every movie character’s birthday. (BlackBook Mag)

Crushable’s Best Of Last Week

Crushable's Best Of Last Week

In case you’re spending your 4th of July weekend indoors catching up on gossip (we don’t judge!), we here at Crushable have compiled a list of the best posts of the week. This way you can go back to the grind Tuesday super-knowledgeable about the hottest entertainment news, the coolest summer styles and the weirdest habits of single guys that you just can’t ignore. Enjoy! More »

5 Things I Will Answer About Vampires/’Twilight’

5 Things I Will Answer About Vampires/'Twilight'

As Crushable’s resident vampire expert, I know a thing or two about bloodsuckers. And werewolves. And bloodsuckers v. werewolves v. shapeshifters (sometimes) or ancient gods or whatever. Twilight! And those things I don’t know about whatever specific mythology we’re talking about, I can just make up with confidence, since that is exactly what the writers of these popular books-cum-movies/tv series do. So without further ado, here are the answers to Amanda’s questions about Twilight. More »