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Last Night’s Mad Men Showed All Of Sally Draper’s Terrifying Options For How To Be A Woman

Last Night's Mad Men Showed All Of Sally Draper's Terrifying Options For How To Be A Woman

For those who found last week’s tripartite LSD episode gimmicky, this week’s Mad Men represented a return to the show’s standard format in the form of linear plot development, 1960s gender politics, and some good, old fashioned sexual angst. As an added bonus, some of said angst was Freudian! (I’m looking at you, Professor Asshole.) As usual, the theme of generational shift also played a big part. More »

Glee Report Card: The First Time

Glee Report Card: The First Time

I loved Tuesday night’s episode of Glee. Let me repeat that: I loved Tuesday night’s episode of Glee. I can’t remember the last time the show was consistent enough to delight me this much. And it wasn’t just the music, though that was pretty great. (Hello, it’s West Side Story.) It’s the way these characters finally felt like actual human beings. But before I get too gushy, let’s break it down song by song. More »

A Discussion Of Fox’s ‘Quirky’ Zooey Deschanel Vehicle New Girl

A Discussion Of Fox's 'Quirky' Zooey Deschanel Vehicle New Girl

Like we told you yesterday, FOX has decided to visit the pilot episode of its sitcom New Girl upon the internet-going public early, making it available for free download via iTunes a full two weeks before it premieres on television. Despite knowing there was no way it was going to be any good at all, Liana and I decided to give it a chance and watch it. As they used to say on a show that was actually funny but got canceled to make room for more travesties like this, we’ve made a huge mistake. More »

Weeds S7E10 Recap: “But She Started It!”

Weeds S7E10 Recap: "But She Started It!"

Throughout this show’s entire absurd run, Nancy has depleted our empathy for her in a plethora of fun-to-watch ways. This is a woman who’s lied, abused her magic vagina powers, set things on fire, and gotten people killed, all while sipping lackadaisically on venti low-fat lattes. But despite it all, her abiding love for her sons remains her sole redeeming virtue, and we got to see that in action last night thanks to Shane and Silas’ respective slip-ups. More »

Weeds S7E8 Recap: Worlds Collide

Weeds S7E8 Recap: Worlds Collide

This week’s episode of Weeds brought a lot of plot lines together into one huge, incredibly dangerous tangle. As far as Nancy’s situations go, it’s not “Mexican drug boss wants to kill me” bad, but it is, nonetheless, quite bad. How did she get back into trouble so quickly? Let’s take a look. More »

‘Jersey Shore’ Field Notes: Bongiorno Italia

'Jersey Shore' Field Notes: Bongiorno Italia

(By an anthropologist)

00:00 – The Creature known as Snooki appears in a floppy leopard print hat and rhinestone shoes that allow her to camouflage with her surroundings. She reveals a first grader’s grasp of geography: “Italy is like that big country. No, Europe is like that big country. And then you have like Britain in there and England. And Italy.”

1:40 – Deena explains that in Italy she expects to bring a guy home, though she won’t “do sex” right away. Doing sex is a Jersey Shore colloquialism that means “exchanging ten or twelve words with a stranger and then getting naked in the shower.”

2:30 – Vinny thinks he has grown a beard although he has not. Perhaps he has grown two days’ worth of stubble, although confirmation of this won’t come until the lab results are returned. Vinny wonders if any of the housemates will recognize him. Diagnosis: Delusional behavior, too much cultural saturation of the Superman/Clark Kent anomaly. More »