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Trending Topic: ‘I Can’t Date You’

Trending Topic: 'I Can't Date You'

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and all over the 1st world countries that celebrate this Hallmark holiday (JK I love it, bring me all the chocolates), love is in the air! Well, except on Twitter, where today’s trending hashtag is “I Can’t Date You.”

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Let’s see what people came up with for reasons they will never, ever love you. More »

Trending Topic: Catwoman Brings Out Twitter’s Fangs

Trending Topic: Catwoman Brings Out Twitter's Fangs

As we all found out yesterday, Anne Hathaway is going to be playing Selina Kyle (better known as her alter-ego Catwoman) in Christopher Nolan‘s next Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises. Beating out contenders like Jessica Biel and Kiera Knightley for the role, Anne’s going to have to shed her good-girl image for some latex and whips. But not everyone is pleased with the casting choice, with the most vocal dissidents heading to – where else? – Twitter. More »

Trending Topic: What Are #RealMen?

Trending Topic: What Are #RealMen?

To paraphrase Lucas from Empire Records, “Who knows where Twitter hashtags come from? They just appear.” Sometimes the day’s most popular trends come from an obvious source: a celebrity news item, say, or outrage over a new edition of Huckleberry Finn. Sometimes however, topics just appear on Twitter for no discernible reason, and make their way ’round the social network stratosphere. And they are glorious.

Take today’s example: What does a #realman look like? Well, they have lots of thoughts on ice-cream, 6-packs, and Justin Bieber, so real men look a lot like 12-year-old girls. More »