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Jonathan Groff Travolta-fied Idina Menzel’s Introduction At The Tonys, And It Was Amazing

Jonathan Groff Travolta-fied Idina Menzel's Introduction At The Tonys, And It Was Amazing

When it comes to introducing Idina Menzel at award shows, John Travolta kind of set the bar three months ago at the Oscars by introducing us to “the wick-edly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem.” Because Jonathan Groff is charming and adorable, he made sure to pay tribute to Mr. Travolta’s legendary introduction, and it was glorious. More »

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Writes Neil Patrick Harris’ Tonys Rap Backstage

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Writes Neil Patrick Harris' Tonys Rap Backstage

A lot of stuff at Sunday’s Tony Awards happened on the fly: Brooke Shields‘ flub during the opening number, several overly enthusiastic acceptance speeches, and Neil Patrick Harris‘ closing rap. Lin-Manuel Miranda (he wrote the lyrics and music for the musical In the Heights) had perhaps the toughest job of the night: He sat backstage and waited for each award to be announced, then speedily wove it into a doable rap. Also, he cracked West Wing jokes, which makes him our kind of guy. More »

Tony Awards: The Broadway Shows to Look Forward to for Next Year’s Tonys

Tony Awards: The Broadway Shows to Look Forward to for Next Year's Tonys

Some of last night’s Tony winners were going to sweep the awards from the start, like The Book of Mormon, while other shows’ wins were delightfully surprising: Catch Me If You Can, War Horse, and Anything Goes. But they all had major buzz leading up to the awards. Now, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the shows debuting in the new few weeks or months, all of which have Tony dreams of their own. More »

Tony Awards: Brooke Shields’ Tony Awards Fail

Tony Awards: Brooke Shields' Tony Awards Fail

The opening number of last night’s Tony Awards was pretty darn memorable for a variety of reasons. One of them was Neil Patrick Harris’ purple tuxedo. One of them was Stephen Colbert’s delightful cameo. But the biggest one by far was Brooke Shields’ massive fail during HER cameo. I feel kind of bad for her, especially since she had to present later on; but at the same time, it was just so funny that I can’t help laughing. Check out the whole number after the jump– for the curious, the Brooke Shields Disaster is at the 3:10 mark. Happy Monday, everyone!
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Tony Awards: ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ Performs For No Explicable Reason

Tony Awards: 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Performs For No Explicable Reason

Really. It wasn’t nominated. It wasn’t ELIGIBLE to be nominated. And it’s opening on Tuesday– FINALLY– which is sort of a big up-yours to the Broadway community. The weeks immediately following the Tonys are usually the times that audiences are flocking to see the shows that won (and sometimes, the ones that were nominated but didn’t win), giving those shows a big boost in ticket sales. By opening RIGHT AFTER the Tonys, Spider-Man could effectively steal a lot of the audience away from the Tony-winning shows, sooooo yeah. Not such a nice thing to do. Maybe they performed because they do, in fact, open so soon? Maybe? I don’t really know. Furthermore, the song they performed was REALLY. BORING. I’m not kidding. How boring, you ask? Find out here… More »

Tony Awards: Andrew Rannells in ‘The Book of Mormon’

Tony Awards: Andrew Rannells in 'The Book of Mormon'

Acting nominees Josh Gad and Rory O’Malley told NY1 on the red carpet that they were really excited about the number that The Book of Mormon was going to perform– because they got to sit back and watch! Yep, the full burden of performance fell upon the shoulders of fellow nominee Andrew Rannells. As Elder Price, Rannells serenaded the Beacon Theatre with “I Believe,” during which he gamely reclaimed his faith… before going into a warlord’s den, book in hand. Too bad he doesn’t have the good sense to anticipate where that book might end up. Check it out in all is Mormonic glory here! More »