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Captain America’s Triumph Over Harry Potter Proves America Always Wins

Captain America's Triumph Over Harry Potter Proves America Always Wins

In 1776, the Second Continental Congress issued a declaration–a “Declaration of Independence,” one might even call it–that severed all of America’s ties to Great Britain and made everyone, well, very, very angry. Brazen to a fault, it sealed the fate of the thirteen colonies, throwing them into grisly battle with the mighty British Empire. In this case, as we all know, the dark horse triumphed and, in due time, the United States emerged as a super power, with Great Britain as its most trusted ally. Unfortunately, that alliance was shattered into tiny little bits with this summer’s big movie premieres of the faintly English Harry Potter And The Death Hallows Part II and America’s aptly titled Captain America: The First Avenger. More »

Saturday gossip roundup

Saturday gossip roundup

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