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Shame Star Michael Fassbender Defends Celebrity Sex Addicts

Shame Star Michael Fassbender Defends Celebrity Sex Addicts

Sex addiction has become prevalent in pop culture in the past few years, though only in one narrow definition: Self-indulgent celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny who cheated on their wives because they could. But thanks to research for his new movie ShameMichael Fassbender thinks he’s seeing a different side of sex addiction, one where it’s not just about powerful men cheating on their wives. More »

Crush Links: Can Things Get Any More Complicated for Miley?

Crush Links: Can Things Get Any More Complicated for Miley?

Most awkward arrangement ever: the Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels duet will finally be released. (TMZ)

Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes a sewing machine for her birthday. To me, that’s one step away from a vacuum cleaner. And two steps away from a slap across the face. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Stephanie Seymour and her son apparently learned from their seemingly Oedipus-like episode at the beach in January, and cooled down on the PDA on this most recent beach trip. (Dlisted)
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Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for 'Celebrity Rehab'

This week, former Real Housewives of DC cast member Michaele Salahi was booted from Vh1′s Celebrity Rehab when it was revealed she wasn’t addicted to anything (except, possibly, famewhoring). While it seems like Celebrity Rehab did the right thing by kicking out someone who wasn’t genuine, they’ve kept people on in the past for the same thing. Last season, former Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz mistress Rachel Uchitel claimed that she was addicted to love (somebody cue Robert Palmer!) and that going into rehab helped her hide out from the press, who was “lynching” her. She spent the entire season sucking up air time and space that could have been better devoted to actual addicts like Jason Davis and Leif Garrett. More »

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen’s Crack Advice – “Avoid Crack, Unless You Can Manage It Socially”

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen's Crack Advice - "Avoid Crack, Unless You Can Manage It Socially"

Charlie Sheen recently gave an interview in which he discussed the pleasures of crack use. Here’s one quote he gave when asked about being sober: “It’s inauthentic – it’s not who I am.” (Dlisted)

All is right in the world: childhood friends Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have ended their long-standing feud. (Perez Hilton)

Esperanza Spalding winning the Best New Artist Grammy award over Justin Bieber prompted Kanye West to tweet about the upset. Because sharing his personal opinion about who the award should have gone to has always worked out so well for him… (Oh No They Didn’t!)

This is almost good news, considering everything that’s been going on in Tiger Wood‘s life lately: he was fined for spitting on a golf course. (People) More »

Sex On The Wire: Elin Nordegren Learned Nothing From Tiger Woods

Sex On The Wire: Elin Nordegren Learned Nothing From Tiger Woods

• Once bitten, twice…well you know the rest. Elin Nordegren is ready to remarry after finalizing her divorce from Tiger Woods. (PopEater)

• A great gallery of woman making their best blow-job faces. Hey, it’s better than duck-lips. (The Frisky)

• Seasoned critics are shocked that the “hideous” Burlesque made it to The Golden Globes. Well why not? The Golden Globes are pretty hideous themselves. (Celebuzz) More »

Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

• Paging Russell Brand: Sex addiction rehabilitation centers are on the rise ever since stars like Tiger Woods and Jesse James have used the term as an excuse for why they screwed around so much. (LA Times)

•…which in turn leads to regular girls questioning whether or not they have an “addiction.” (CollegeCandy

• Because texting your kid to stop having sex upstairs is now considered good parental guidance, why not use that passive-aggressive form of communication to break up with someone? (The Gloss)

• Another week, another horrific way to overshare your dating life: CanDoBetter is like HotorNot, except the strangers are judging your date, not you. Is that better or worse? (Lemondrop)

• Finally, a cheerleading group for science nerds! Now if only we could get a couple half-naked guys doing a routine to cheer on us bloggers… (Buzzfeed)

• Can you remain friends with benefits forever? (CollegeCrush)

• Speaking of too close: Cory Monteith farts in front of Lea Michele on the set of Glee, so you know they are BFFs. (Teen Vogue) More »

Sex on the Wire: Christine O’Donnell’s Bed Intruder Ad

Sex on the Wire: Christine O'Donnell's Bed Intruder Ad

• Hey ladies! It’s still a “red flag” if a guy doesn’t pay the entirety of your first date together. Yay feminism? (Betty Confidential)

• The sexiest photo you’ll see all day: Zach Galifianakis in a bathing suit. (The Frisky)

• Complain about sex parties occuring on school grounds is enough to get you fired from your teaching job in Texas now. (Nerve)

• Are you really attracted to guys with 6-pack abs? (The Gloss)

• Turn out that cloning ain’t got nothing on good old fashion boning. (MSNBC)

Nick James, husband of Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ porn mistresses, swears he’ll release a sex tape of his wife and the golfer. Just what we were asking for! (Huffington Post)

Christine O’Donnell has a sense of humor! Her latest ad rips on that awesome bed intruder song. (Urlesque) More »