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T.I.’s being punished for going to third base with his wife on a prison visit – Prisoners are basically only allowed to hold hands and kiss, but T.I. and wife Tiny (Tiny!) got down and dirty right away. (PopEater)

Lil’ Wayne High-Fives TI On His Way Out Of Prison

Lil' Wayne High-Fives TI On His Way Out Of Prison

Community‘s Donald Glover wins the internet today. This is the historic day that rapper Lil’ Wayne finally gets out of jail. But as he exits prison, his pal is headed into prison. Today TI is on his way to serve a few months for probation violations. We hope that someone can heed Glover’s tweet and get a snapshot of the two tag teaming their prison time.

At the least, maybe this scene will be part of the video for a new single.

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Crush Links: John Travolta’s Gay Sex Celebrity Spa (Or Whatever)

Crush Links: John Travolta's Gay Sex Celebrity Spa (Or Whatever)

John Travolta in gay sex scandal involving some secret underground gay spa. Again…are we surprised? Although that does explain why “John Travolta Gay” is suddenly one of our trending topics. (Dlisted)

Jennifer Aniston has a new new man. Yeah, someone that nobody knows. Exciting? Meh… (Radar Online)

T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested last night after getting caught with some drugs that could include weed, methamphetamines and/or ecstasy. But not cocaine. Today is just full of news that we were not expecting! (TMZ)

Ian McKellan was a super hottie when he was younger. Again…not a surprise, because he looks pretty good for an old guy. (Buzzfeed)

Kellan Lutz is shirtless (come on this getting too easy). (PopSugar)

Zac Efron to star in Catch Me If You Can: Part Two (Actual title: Art of the Steal). (Variety) More »