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Hot Shot: PJ Ransone

Hot Shot: PJ Ransone

We’re huge fans of all things David Simon, and for that reason we absolutely love PJ Ransone, the soulful-eyed actor who appeared in The Wire and Generation Kill. Here’s a great PJ quote from an old Vice interview:

“Acting, to me, is the highest form of art,” PJ ruminates. “The most important element of it is making a full commitment to it. Acting is my life and I would die for it. I’m not going to appear in just anything. I would never do anything with babies.” More »

An Open Letter To Justin Bieber, Gun-Game Enthusiast

An Open Letter To Justin Bieber, Gun-Game Enthusiast

Dear Justin Bieber,

Hey cutie pie, how’s it going? So I hear you got into trouble playing laser tag last weekend. Apparently you got so overly excited you punched a 12-year-old boy in the face? What’s up with that? And now you’re trying to claim that it was all in the spirit of the game? Oh, baby, baby, oh. Do I have some words for you.

Hi, I’m Liana and I’m a victim of gun-game violence. You see, I made the mistake of entering a paintball tournament a few months back and now I’m going to spend the rest of my life paying for it. More »

Watch The Friggin Wire! – We totally relate to this episode of the web series Tiny Apartment. Sometimes you don’t have enough time in your life to watch 5 seasons of a grittly realistic portrayal of Baltimore’s drug trafficking industry. Stop yelling at us! (via ComedySmack)

Wire creator David Simon gets a genius grant – No one deserves the title “genius” more than David, who just received $500,000 from the MacArthur Foundation along with 23 other creative individuals (Only one of them is a bee keeper.) (Wall Street Journal)

Fan Fiction: A Scene From David Simon’s Lost Episode Of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Fan Fiction: A Scene From David Simon's Lost Episode Of 'Gilmore Girls'

Lucky us! We got our hands on ‘The Wire’ creator David Simon’s lost episode of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ We’ve reprinted a scene below:


Lorelai and Rory sit at their table, scrapbooking. Rory wears Converse sneakers, a sweater and a floral bandana around her neck. They eat strawberry pancakes and sip Jameson. Lorelai hot glues a photo of a young Rory to the page and groans.

Lorelai: Ugh. This is torture. Auschwitz.
Rory: Guantanamo.
Lorelai: JC Penny.

Rory sprinkles glitter over the page.

Lorelai: Tell me why we have to do this again?
Rory: It’s a biography project for school. Only like 12 of my classmates know how to read so we have to learn everything in pictures.
Lorelai: Just like the Egyptians. Um, 12 out of how many?
Rory: 392. In a classroom built for 25.
Lorelai: Hang on a sec, Cleopatra. I thought we were sending you to private school.
Rory: Eh, not for this episode. It’s a union thing. More »

Your Ex-Boyfriend, Pop Culture, And You

Your Ex-Boyfriend, Pop Culture, And You

Speaking of the True Blood premiere, the only reason that I got into that show in the first place was because a guy I was dating last September was obsessed with it. Which yeah, seemed a little weird at the time (he was also really into Glee, which should have been a good warning sign right there), but after he basically sat me down and cajoled me into watching what I considered “another stupid vampire thing,” I was hooked. I’ve had the same resistance to Lost, the band The Hold Steady, and sushi: all of them had to be force-fed to me (sometimes literally) by somebody I liked. More »