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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Writes Neil Patrick Harris’ Tonys Rap Backstage

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Writes Neil Patrick Harris' Tonys Rap Backstage

A lot of stuff at Sunday’s Tony Awards happened on the fly: Brooke Shields‘ flub during the opening number, several overly enthusiastic acceptance speeches, and Neil Patrick Harris‘ closing rap. Lin-Manuel Miranda (he wrote the lyrics and music for the musical In the Heights) had perhaps the toughest job of the night: He sat backstage and waited for each award to be announced, then speedily wove it into a doable rap. Also, he cracked West Wing jokes, which makes him our kind of guy. More »

Here’s Your Chance To Talk on the Phone with ‘Cougar Town’ Star Courteney Cox

Here's Your Chance To Talk on the Phone with 'Cougar Town' Star Courteney Cox

We’re used to fan interaction from the early days of American Idol, where texts and phone calls would determine a contestant’s staying power. But only in the last few years have scripted series invited fans to interact with the characters or stars. The latest is ABC’s Cougar Town: When watching tonight’s episode, the moment you hear a character say a phone number, call it up for the chance to talk to one of the stars. You might get Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Josh Hopkins, or another actor, depending who picks up. More »

Weird Celebrity Crush: Bradley Whitford

Weird Celebrity Crush: Bradley Whitford

When I was about ten years old, my mother sat me down and gave me two pieces of relationship advice: 1. Always use a condom; 2. Never date an actor. I was brash and failed to take her word on the thespian thing (I don’t think this is the proper forum to comment on that first one), and a lot of drama and heartbreak came my way. What can I say? I like the right-brained types. But not the salad-ordering and mirror-staring and hair-gel time that goes along with so many people who perform for a living.

This is why I have a crush on Bradley Whitford. The Good Guys actor seems like the perfect antidote to pretty boy screen stars – not quite a troublemaker, but yet someone still interesting enough to get through dinner at a (non-salad-exclusive) restaurant. Specifically, I fell in love with Bradley Whitford’s West Wing character, Josh Lyman. Josh was the cranky Deputy Chief of Staff with a heart of platinum who bustled around the Oval Office with a know-it-all attitude. Plus, he totally on-screen dated Mary-Louise Parker – and MLP’s my #1 weird celebrity girl-crush. More »