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10 Suggestions For Who Should Host The View Now That They’re All Dropping Like Flies

10 Suggestions For Who Should Host The View Now That They're All Dropping Like Flies

The hosts of ABC’s let’salltalkovereachother show The View are dropping like flies. First it was announced that long-time co-host and professional shirt-tugger Joy Behar would be leaving. Then rumors started swirling that Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s contract wasn’t being renewed (I read it on the Internet, so it’s obviously true!) Now sources are suggesting that Barbara Walters is considering an exit. More »

Crush Links: Rihanna’s New Man Could Be Rob Kardashian

Crush Links: Rihanna's New Man Could Be Rob Kardashian

• Could Britney Spears be the new X Factor judge? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Check out this video of Star Jones‘ return to The View after being fired; part of it was issues with co-host Barbara Walters, and criticism on Star for not revealing that she had lost weight through gastric bypass. (Have U Heard)

• The cast of Victorious joined Nickelodeon’s The Big Help and planted trees at an LA middle school. (Celebuzz)

Rihanna reportedly hooked up with reality star Rob Kardashian in London. What would Chris Brown say? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Lainey talks about Oscar Week anecdotes from years past, including Mariah Carey and Beyoncé‘s negotiate a meeting at dinner while Jennifer Aniston ate quietly in a corner. (Lainey Gossip)

Nicole Kidman‘s powdered face, and four other celebrity blunders. (The Stir)

• While on Howard Stern‘s Sirius radio show, Adam Levine defended Christina Aguilera‘s weight. (Have U Heard)

Survivor Favorites: Where Are They Now?

Survivor Favorites: Where Are They Now?

If you can believe it, season 23 of Survivor premieres tonight! And while there’s a whole new batch of castaways for you to meet, we’ll leave that business to CBS. What we’re interested in is the fates of some of the Survivor favorites. Did Michael Skupin heal from falling into the fire? Is Richard Hatch currently in or out of jail? Did Ethan Zohn beat cancer? And don’t forget the View co-host who got her start on the island long ago… We tell you if karma was a bitch, or if these guys outwitted (heh) fate. More »

Video: Tina Knowles Shows Off Clothing Line On ‘The View’

Video: Tina Knowles Shows Off Clothing Line On 'The View'

See what happens when we actually have an office to go to in the morning? We totally missed out on yesterday’s edition of The View, which featured a segment with the lovely Beyonce and her “fashion for the people”mama, Tina Knowles. And while we thought we had heard everything we needed to know about Tina’s personal wardrobe from the V magazine profile we posted yesterday, that “one Chanel jumpsuit” can’t even hold a candle to Miss Tina’s Spring collection. More »