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Video: The ‘Who Knew 2010 Had So Awesome Films?’ Mashup

Video: The 'Who Knew 2010 Had So Awesome Films?' Mashup

2010 had some pretty great films: Inception, The Social Network, Black Swan, one of those Harry Potter things, probably a Twilight movie in there. But there were also a ton of clunkers (anything with The Rock, Angelina Jolie, or Johnny Depp pretty much sucked this year). What’s amazing is that someone managed to take all the movies, good and bad, and turn it into this amazing 6 minute montage of awesomeness. More »

Old People Talking About Facebook – Okay, we’re officially obsessed with Jim Zirin‘s cable access show. It’s adorable when the elderly start talking about the generational difference in friend requests, but giving this guy a show called The Digital Age just seems mean. (YouTube)

Was ‘The Social Network’ A Movie About Mark Zuckerberg…Or Aaron Sorkin?

Was 'The Social Network' A Movie About Mark Zuckerberg...Or Aaron Sorkin?

I attended the New Yorker Festival’s screening of The Social Network this weekend, which was one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the program. Not just because the movie was earning rave reviews, but because afterward, the audience got to sit in on a 20 minute panel with writer Aaron Sorkin, Justin Timerlake, and Jesse Eisenberg.

Now, this event wasn’t sold out because Aaron Sorkin attached his name to the project, it was sold out because Justin Timberlake (wearing his adorable dorky hat and glasses) was going to be there. Try telling that to Sorkin, who, after the movie was over, strolled onto the stage and tried to “fist-bump” JT. He missed. More »

Celebrity Look-Alike Gallery: ‘Social Network’ Spirit Animals

Celebrity Look-Alike Gallery: 'Social Network' Spirit Animals

When you settled in to watch The Social Network over the weekend did you imagine Andrew Garfield‘s character as played by a meerkat? What about Jesse Eisenberg‘s lines coming from the mouth of a cuddly lion cub? We couldn’t help but scrutinize the stars of Facebook movie to determine their spirit animal essences — and now we’re sharing our findings with you. Ten bucks if you can guess Justin Timberlake‘s. More »

Gallery: The Social Network’s Asian Fetish

Gallery: The Social Network's Asian Fetish

The world’s youngest billionaire is also one of the only young CEOs around to maintain a longstanding relationship with a smart girl he’s known since college. Mark Zuckerberg has been dating Priscilla Chan since they met at Harvard. But you wouldn’t know it from watching The Social Network. Priscilla doesn’t even get a mention. Instead, Aaron Sorkin filled his Facebook movie with lots of hot, crazy Asian chics. More »

Between Two Social Networks – A mashup of Zach Galfianakis‘ Between Two Ferns series and the trailer for The Social Network may seem like somebody just picked two random entries from the Stuff White People Like blog, but it actually works. We laughed, anyway. (Funny Or Die)

Crush Links: Lindsay Goes to Rehab (Again)

Crush Links: Lindsay Goes to Rehab (Again)

Eminem‘s new single ft. Lil Wayne “No Love.” It’s no “Love the Way You Lie,” but what is? (Vulture)

• Happy birthday, 4Chan! You are a grown-up 7-year old! (Twitter)

Mel Gibson may be a lunatic, but Oksana Grigorieva also accused James Bond actor Timothy Dalton of abuse. Lady’s got a bad track record. (TMZ)

• Is that Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford clinic? Or a ghoooooost? (RadarOnline)

• Oh thank god, another Tawainese CGI trailer of American pop culture! This time: The Social Network! (Gawker)

• One of the Sister Wives: “We’re a family, just like any other family.” Nope. (People)

Betty White‘s biggest fan? A tiny baby! Adorbs. (The Frisky) More »