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Confession: I’m a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

Confession: I'm a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

I’m a man who deeply values his dignity. I cling to it, actually. I won’t dance, I don’t sing in public, and I refuse to drink through straws. It’s a cloak I wear; one that I imagine protects me from the crippling judgment of my community. In reality, dignity is just another word for conformity; it’s a way for society to determine what is, and what isn’t acceptable behavior. For a man my age (let’s just say early thirties and leave it at that), dignified pursuits include resume building, home-ownership, procreation, and participating in fantasy sports leagues. Unfortunately I do none of these things. In fact, one of my most cherished pursuits would be considered decidedly undignified by society at large. I am a man (in his early thirties as previously stated) who’s addicted to teen dramas. More »

Gallery: 8 Great TV Graduations

Gallery: 8 Great TV Graduations

There are ways to make what seems like the decades long graduation ceremony a little more bearable. You can decorate your mortarboard, hide silly string up your gown sleeve, or make up elaborate chants for when your friends accept their diplomas. Then there are the less conventional ways to make commencement memorable: marriage proposals, meteors, a fight to the death. I suggest going with silly string. However, these TV shows – from Buffy to 90210 – each had their own special way of dealing with high school’s crowning moment. More »