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Five Important Facts From The Justin Bieber Documentary ‘Never Say Never’

Five Important Facts From The Justin Bieber Documentary 'Never Say Never'

Beliebers the world over were saddened last night to learn that their favorite mop headed adolescent was snubbed by the arbiters of the music world who run The Grammys. But no worries, kids! That just gives credence to the storyline of his new movie, Never Say Never!

According to the documentary, Justin Bieber defied the odds, and all the people who said he couldn’t play Madison Square Garden at the age of 16. As The Atlantic puts it:

“Proclaims the trailer: THEY SAID IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. (Did they?) THEY SAID HE WOULD NEVER MAKE IT. (Who said that?) Whatever—the point is that Bieber overcame the odds.”

On Friday after work, Team Crushable headed over to the movie theater to catch opening night of Justin Bieber’s new movie Never Say Never. What did we learn? Well, first that we’re probably too old to see a Justin Bieber movie onopening night (not that that stopped us from screaming at the screen at the appropriate times).

And now, as you find yourself wondering if you should go see this adorable singer in a film about his life, let me help you out with a few key pointers. More »