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6 Ways ‘The Event’ Differs From ‘Lost’ and ’24′

6 Ways 'The Event' Differs From 'Lost' and '24'

Last night was the second episode of The Event, which a lot of people are calling NBC’s attempt at “Lost meets 24,” two very popular shows that went off the air this year. And the show does seem to bite a lot from both those beloved cult programs style: there are tropical islands, a black president, and lots of plane crashes/fights with “others.” But as Damon Lindelof, Lost’s creator, pointed out last night on Twitter, “I think THE EVENT is swell, but if 24 and LOST really had a baby it would hate both its parents and regularly engage in torture.”

And while we think Damon Lindelof should shut up most of the time, he has a point. Here’s 6 other ways The Event has differentiated itself from its predecessors. More »

This Week’s Best Of Crushable

This Week's Best Of Crushable

Unless you spent the whole week watching the premieres of every single episode of everything on TV this week, you may have missed some stuff. (Hopefully not The Event! How can you miss The Event??!) Between Glee, My Generation, The Office, 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire, Undercovers, Going Wilde, The Good Guys, and…a bunch of other stuff either making their debut or coming back on air, it was hard to keep track of all our old friends and new characters. Luckily, Crushable is here to help. Here’s what you missed: More »

Poll: Who Has a Bigger Mouth, Jason Ritter or Chord Overstreet on ‘Glee’?

Poll: Who Has a Bigger Mouth, Jason Ritter or Chord Overstreet on 'Glee'?

When Puck asked one of the new transfer students last night on Glee how many tennis balls he could fit in his mouth, the guy responded with a variation of the old Clueless joke “I’ve never tried to fit balls in my mouth. Have you?” But the thing is, between Finn’s new rival (Chord Overstreet, whose previous roles involve an episode of iCarly) and Jason Ritter on NBC’s The Event, you can’t deny that we’re having a prime-time showdown of the bass-mouth boys. Who do you think could fit more balls in their mouth? More »

Crush This: The Biggest TV Premieres Of The Season

Crush This: The Biggest TV Premieres Of The Season

Welcome to Crush This, your weekly guide to what’s new in movies, music and TV. We’ve navigated the inner reaches of our entertainment-obsessed brains in search of all the pop culture landscape has to offer. Are you ready? This is the biggest week in television premieres, with everything from new shows like Hawaii Five-0 and old favorites like Glee debuting. Get ready to set your DVR. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s some big movie premieres, too, headlined by hotties like Shia, James and Ryan. More »

Dude Diary: 5 Facts About Jason Ritter

Dude Diary: 5 Facts About Jason Ritter

Is everyone getting pumped to watch The Event tonight? It’s supposed to be like 24 meets Lost, which perfectly fills that niche of “Shows that we love that are no longer on television.” And though we don’t know much about what the event from The Event actually is (time-travel? The monster from Cloverfield?) we do know that hottie Jason Ritter has signed on for the role of Sean Walker, a man searching for his fiance. Possibly on a plane. So much mystery! Here’s what we do know about Jason Ritter: More »

What to DVR: Your Crushable Fall TV Lineup

What to DVR: Your Crushable Fall TV Lineup

You ever heard of TiVo guilt? It’s a specific anxiety that comes from building up a whole base of TV shows on your DVR that you never get around to watching, and then spending days deliberating whether to just erase the whole thing and start fresh, or spend an entire weekend hunkered down with some BBC documentaries that looked “really interesting” two weeks ago. Luckily, Megan Collins is here to tell you what you should — and should not — be prepping to watch this Fall. More »