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11 Classic Movies That Are In Desperate Need Of Sequels

11 Classic Movies That Are In Desperate Need Of Sequels

Hollywood LOVES a sequel. And a remake. And an adaptation. And basically anything that will make a lot of money. Sometimes it’s just a direct-to-video follow-up, sometimes it’s a critically acclaimed improvement on the first film. It’s become pretty hard to find a movie that doesn’t have a sequel at least in the works, so it’s surprising to discover a classic that hasn’t been followed up on. More »

A Fun Quiz For You: Hipster Or ’80s Movie Nerd?

A Fun Quiz For You: Hipster Or '80s Movie Nerd?

Here is a confusing thing: at some point in time, whoever controls fashion trends decided that glasses and mom jeans were worthy of being incorporated into that Byzantine trying-to-get-laid dance known as “the youth culture.” As a result, it’s now nigh impossible to tell who gets shoved into lockers regularly and who just likes Animal Collective. (The nerds, meanwhile, have become the new jocks, what with controlling the world and making billions off your personal info and all. But I digress.) In honor of these topsy turvy times, I challenge you to tell the difference between various hipsters and various ’80s movie nerds. Answers are at the end. No peeking, spaz! More »

Back When Teen Movies Weren’t Just Good, But Great: John Hughes 101

Back When Teen Movies Weren't Just Good, But Great: John Hughes 101

Once upon a time in an entire different universe called the 1980′s, teen movies weren’t just good, but great. They were far better scripted and the group of teenage actors from which directors and casting agents could choose was just, without being insulting, different. One of the most important people to the teen movie genre in the 80′s was writer and director, John Hughes. More »

Parting Tweet: Comedian Matt Manser Assesses Anthony Michael Hall’s Arrest

Parting Tweet: Comedian Matt Manser Assesses Anthony Michael Hall's Arrest

Anthony Michael Hall
: Brat Packer, comeback kid, disturber of the peace. The 43-year-old actor was arrested Tuesday night after an incident in the courtyard of his condo complex left him ripping up plants and shouting obscenities at his neighbors. Evidently, police were called after he knocked on a neighbor’s door and challenged him to a fight. (Judd Nelson declined to comment.) More »

Check out the top “Hey! Well Excuuuuuuse Me Princess!” movies/TV shows.Firefly, The Princess Bride, The Breakfast Club, and others feature testy relationships between the (anti)hero and the lady he secretly loves but won’t admit to. (30 Ninjas)

Crush Links: Demi Lovato’s Hair Is Back To Brown

Crush Links: Demi Lovato's Hair Is Back To Brown

Everyone rest easy. Demi Lovato has returned to her natural hair color. (People)

That was a good decision. A contestant from America’s Got Talent knew his wife had been missing for days, but chose to audition rather than look for her. And now she’s dead. (TMZ)

Want. Characters from The Breakfast Club, recreated in needlepoint. (Buzzfeed)

The stars of Glee are releasing a Christmas album. (celebuzz)

Sign us up! Francis Ford Coppola is on tap to direct a new horror-thriller, starring Val Kilmer, called “Twixt Now and Sunrise.” [Deadline]

The trailer for Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never,” the Biebs’ new “documentary musical” is out. (MTV) Video after the jump. More »