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Wait, If Brandy’s 34, I Must Not Be 9 Anymore…Happy 34th Brandy!?

Wait, If Brandy's 34, I Must Not Be 9 Anymore...Happy 34th Brandy!?

Brandy Norwood aka just Brandy turns 34 today. I was a Brandy fan during the high point of her popularity around 1998. This was fifteen years ago which means two things: One, I was nine and two, I’m not anymore. Like any young Brandy fan, I loved her music as well as her foray into film. Personally, I was lukewarm on Moesha, but to each nine-year-old, their own. In honor of Brandy’s birthday, I decided to look back on two memories that made this time in our (mine and Brandy’s) lives so special. More »