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‘The A-List Recap’: A Show For Straight Girls

âThe A-List Recap': A Show For Straight Girls

The A-List and its network LOGO are allegedly by gays, for gays. And, indeed, I too have been guilty of perpetuating this marketing mantra. But this week, we learn that the show is actually for straight girls, which is totally fine. Because if this show is any indication of what it really means to be gay in New York City, or anywhere for that matter, I want to go back in the closet. More »

‘The A-List’ Recap: Coming Soon To A City Near One Already Featured on Bravo

âThe A-Listâ Recap: Coming Soon To A City Near One Already Featured on Bravo

The best part of The A-List this week happened during a five-second clip following a trailer for the new pec-taculous Conan movie. The A-List: Dallas, or as it was billed on the promo “Housewives With Balls…Ya’ll”, will be premiering in October, confirming suspicions that the franchise would be rolled out to other cities à la Bravo. The timing seems all too coincidental though given last night’s premiere of Most Eligible Dallas – essentially a co-ed version of The Real Housewives that’s likely being implemented by Bravo to freshen up an otherwise tired formula that failed in DC and Miami. And while I am sure I’ll be eating up whatever the homos in D-Town are dishing out come fall (and for that matter, any other location that gets the green light), the boys of The Big Apple continually prove with each passing episode why they’ll always come first for me. More »

‘The A-List’ Recap: Let’s Get Pedicures

'The A-List' Recap: Let's Get Pedicures

What does it really mean to be an A-list gay? For Reichen, “A” is for accomplishment. For the less literal, like TJ, “A” is all about having a dog and paying bills on-time. And although I prefer to make the A-list by pretending to have friends at the New York Times, we learn in this episode that it can also translate into Playgirl pictorials, restraining orders, and pedicures. More »