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Photoshop Vigilante Lorde Strikes Again, Calls Out Magazine For Giving Her A ‘New Nose’

Photoshop Vigilante Lorde Strikes Again, Calls Out Magazine For Giving Her A 'New Nose'

When Lorde says she’s not so into Photoshop, she sticks to it. Nobody airbrushes her acne, gives her a digital nose job, etc., and gets away with it. A few weeks ago she revealed an unretouched photo of herself performing to remind her Twitter fans that “flaws are ok.” Now she’s taking to Twitter again to show off new Teen Vogue spread, and she loves the photos, except for the fact that her nose looks a little different than usual. More »

Video: Behind The Scenes Of Willow Smith’s ‘Teen Vogue’ Shoot

Video: Behind The Scenes Of Willow Smith's 'Teen Vogue' Shoot

Remember when you were a little girl and your mom would assure you that, yes honey, it is totally possible to grow up and become a real-life princess! So you’d dress up in poofy gowns, put glitter in your hair, and generally walk around like you were already the royal creature you were destined to become. But of course, your mom was only encouraging your fantasies because you were never actually going to become that princess. Sooner or later you were going to realize your destiny actually lied in ordinary civiliandom and transition into a normal, well-adjusted, unroyal human.

Well, we’re afraid that message won’t ever get through to Willow Smith. The world will continue to indulge her princessy fantasies, telling her she really is the most special snowflake in the world, and one day we’ll look up… and then up even higher, and see that she’s locked herself inside of a turret, with her long, whippaple hair hanging down all the way to the ground. Or at least we think that’s the message of this video. More »