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The Hunger Games: Unlock Gale’s Panem October Profile Exclusively On Crushable

The Hunger Games: Unlock Gale's Panem October Profile Exclusively On Crushable

Remember Panem October, the fan-made campaign set in the world of The Hunger Games? They had just started to send out mysterious messages a few months ago when Lionsgate shut them down. Now they’re back, and stronger than ever with an interactive online community that’s similar to Pottermore: While waiting for the first movie, you get to explore the world of Suzanne Collins‘ books and even “friend” the characters! The new Panem October will be unlocked on October 1 (the screenshot below is a preview of the site), but in the meantime they’ve been releasing a new familiar character each day on different Hunger Games fan sites. More »

Snap This: Suzanne Collins Gets in on the ‘Hunger Games’ Fun

Snap This: Suzanne Collins Gets in on the 'Hunger Games' Fun

It looks like Lionsgate is finally allowing set photos from The Hunger Games to be released to the public — or the studio is realizing that with social media and Twitter-ready fans camped out in North Carolina, there’s no use fighting this free publicity. Starcasm has a whole bunch of photos from the set, including Jennifer Lawrence in Katniss’ reaping dress and buildings dressed up to look like District 12.

But our favorite by far is Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins making her official cameo as a citizen of the Capitol. More »