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Style Crush: Juno Temple

Style Crush: Juno Temple

If you don’t know Juno Temple‘s name now, you will soon. Or, actually, you’ll know it right now because I just told it to you — sometimes I have trouble understanding the space-time continuum. Juno’s been in movies like the Sundance darling Little Birds and Gregg Araki‘s Kaboom, and she’ll be seen in next year’s The Dark Knight Rises. She’s got a head full of curly blonde hair and a quirky sense of style. Juno Temple: commit the name to memory. More »

Trailer Recap: ‘Like Crazy’

Trailer Recap: 'Like Crazy'

Our new Trailer Recap feature gives attention to movie trailers we think warrant in-depth analysis. This time, we address Like Crazy, the upcoming Sundance darling that stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin.

This video is either the trailer for a romantic film about young people or a viral ad for an antidepressant; it’s impossible to be sure. We begin on Young People Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin, who appear to be in the throes of the particular type of romance that blossoms in dining halls and library tables and twin-size beds. They both seem the dreamy sort. Anton asks, “Would you mind reading me something?” More »

Notes From Sundance: Lou Taylor Pucci On Playing A Brain-Damaged Character

Notes From Sundance: Lou Taylor Pucci On Playing A Brain-Damaged Character

25-year-old actor Lou Taylor Pucci took on a challenge by playing the lead in a film called The Music Never Stopped. The movie, which co-stars the awesome J.K. Simmons, dramatizes the true story of a hippie kid who lost part of his memory and brain function after suffering a massive brain tumor. Through the help of a music therapist and songs by The Grateful Dead, he starts to make progress toward forging new memories.

Lou plays the lead character, Gabriel (based on a real man named Gary), who we see both after he’s suffered the brain damage and also in flashbacks as a rebellious high school kid. In a Q&A after the screening, Lou talked about the methods he took toward being able to effectively play the challenging role: More »

Video: See The Trailer For ‘Red State,’ The Film Kevin Smith Plans To Self-Distribute

Video: See The Trailer For 'Red State,' The Film Kevin Smith Plans To Self-Distribute

We stopped by Sundance’s Red State after party last night and the room was abuzz with news of a stunt auction director Kevin Smith‘s pulled at the flick’s world premiere not an hour before. Kevin bid on his own movie, for $20, and said that he plans to self-distribute the horror film about a group of radical Christian fundamentalists. He plans to promote the movie through social networking, podcasting, and taking it around on a 15-city tour as party of a new DIY distribution mentality. Kevin explained: More »

Gallery: The Facial Hair Of Sundance

Gallery: The Facial Hair Of Sundance

Here at Sundance, stars and commoners alike are waking around in snow boots and giant parkas. Winter: It’s the great equalizer. And a lot of smart guys thought ahead and grew some facial hair in advance to guard against the cold. Check out our gallery of some of the scruffy stars who’ve been wandering the streets of Park City. More »

Crush Links: James Franco Sings About Porn, ‘Three’s Company,’ At Sundance

Crush Links: James Franco Sings About Porn, 'Three's Company,' At Sundance

James Franco continues to be the weirdest person in the world when he made an MTV interviewer sing a dirty version of the Three’s Company theme with him at Sundance. (Socialite Life)

Aaron Carter has entered rehab for “emotional and spiritual issues.” And drugs. Most likely drugs. (People)

Baby Spice announced she was getting married on Twitter. Well, this way she could post a Twitpic of the ring. (TMZ) More »