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Seeing Russell Armstrong On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Is So Unsettling

Seeing Russell Armstrong On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Is So Unsettling

For a while, it seemed as if we were going to get through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 in the awkward state in which the season began: Some awkward acknowledgement of Russell Armstrong‘s suicide before jumping into a season he’s been cut clear out of. We saw plenty of footage of his wife Taylor Armstrong discussing their marital problems (though not the abuse she kept hidden until his death). Then last night’s episode changed the formula and showed us Russell—but a distorted and strangely cheery version of the character. More »

Is Reddit’s Suicidal Subforum Helpful Or One Big Joke?

Is Reddit's Suicidal Subforum Helpful Or One Big Joke?

Midterms suck. The holidays are stressful. But if you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed, it’s easy to lose perspective and think that these feelings are going to last forever. They’re not. If you’re getting to a point where suicide seems like a viable solution to not telling your parents that you are flunking Statistics 101, our advice would be to see your school’s counselor.

At the very least, provides its users with a support platform: a subforum called r/suicidewatch. But with all the Internet trolls that lurk around sites like Reddit and 4Chan, egging on potentially suicidal kids, do these forums hurt more than they help? More »

Rutgers Suicide Proves You Can’t Decide Other People’s Privacy

Rutgers Suicide Proves You Can't Decide Other People's Privacy

There’s sad news coming from Rutgers today, where a freshman jumped to his death last night after his roommate filmed him having sex with a guy in their room and put the video on the internet.

It’s terrible that Tyler Clementi chose to respond to the video by jumping off the George Washington Bridge rather than report his roommate for a gross violation of privacy. College kids may generally have a more open approach to online privacy than older people, but sharing a friend (or foe’s) personal information online just simply isn’t ok. More »