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Fan Fiction: This Week’s ‘Glee’ Episode A Tribute to ‘Glee’

Fan Fiction: This Week's 'Glee' Episode A Tribute to 'Glee'

(Int: McKinley High’s rehearsal room. Mr. Schue enters waving around sheet music)
Mr. Schue: Great news, guys! I have found the perfect musical act for us to perform at Nationals in New York this year!
Kurt: Rent?
Mr. Schue: No, we couldn’t get the okay from the school board to do a play that features pre-9/11 themes.
Brittany: Glengarry, Glenross?
Mr. Schue: Not a musical, Brittany.
Santana: Please tell us it’s not Yentl. I couldn’t deal with seeing Rachel sing in profile for three hours.
Rachel: Hey!
Brittany: Speed-the-Plow?
Mr Schue: Also, not a musical, Brittany.
Brittany: (mumbles) Not until David Mamet starts replying to my fan mail.
Mr. Schue: No guys….this piece is perfect for us! It combines kitsch, dramatic solos, heart-warming group numbers…We’re going to do last week’s episode of Glee, you guys! More »