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Lady Gaga and 15 Other Musicians Who Have Guest Starred On ‘The Simpsons’

Lady Gaga and 15 Other Musicians Who Have Guest Starred On 'The Simpsons'

I suppose it was inevitable: Lady Gaga just finished recording her lines for an appearance she’ll be making on The Simpsons. Though apparently it was a little nerve-wracking for her– singing does not equal voiceovers, apparently– she seems pretty psyched about it; she told EW, “My dad’s probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out.” Which, by the way, will be the spring of 2012 with the episode “Lisa Goes Gaga.” But as you may well know, The Simpsons has a long and storied history of rendering not just actors and comedians, but also musicians in animated form. Though tuest-his is by no means a comprehensive list, here’s a guide to some of the more entertaining choices of musicians who have guest-starred on The Simpsons. More »

Celebrity Reading List: 15 Celeb-Written Children’s Books

Celebrity Reading List: 15 Celeb-Written Children's Books

Last week we discovered that celebrities like to write novels. But you know what they like to write even more than novels? Children’s books! And what better way to introduce your wee ones to the hilarity of celebrity culture than with these 15 kid’s books penned by the likes of Ricky Gervais, Julianne Moore, Bob Dylan, and Perez Hilton? Here’s what I want to know: When is the Britney Spears children’s book about haircare appreciation happening? More »

Crushable Books: Taboo’s ‘Fallin’ Up: Keep It On the Positive’

Crushable Books: Taboo's 'Fallin' Up: Keep It On the Positive'

Taboo (real name: Jaime Gomez) is best known as “the guy in the Black Eyed Peas who isn’t Will.I.Am and kind of dresses like Neo from The Matrix.” So when a copy of his memoir, Fallin’ Up, landed on my desk, my immediate reaction was “Why?” But reading the book has given me some insight into who Taboo is and actually made me respect him. While his own story is interesting – he grew up Latino in East L.A., had a kid young, and met his future BEP bandmates when they were doing rap and B-boy battles – it’s, sadly, the parts of his book about other celebrities that are the most interesting. More »

Crush Links: Keira Knightley And Rupert Friend Have Broken Up

Crush Links: Keira Knightley And Rupert Friend Have Broken Up

They’ve been dating five years, and now they’re done. Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend have split up. (Hello)

Fight! Fight! Fight! Former Hugh Hefner bunny Holly Madison says that Hef’s fiancee Crystal Harris called her a clown. (People)

Sting, one of the original sex oversharers, has moved on from tantric sex. He and his wife Trudy are now into “tawdry” sex. (Us)

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t recognize herself with red hair. Is that a good thing? (Us)

Sorry croquet lovers. Winona Ryder says that a sequel to Heathers is probably not happening. (Perez) More »