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There’s A Good Chance That Newly-Out Zachary Quinto Is Dating Glee‘s Jonathan Groff

There's A Good Chance That Newly-Out Zachary Quinto Is Dating Glee's Jonathan Groff

My original angle for this post was to complain that now that Zachary Quinto has come out of the closet, the tabloids are jumping over each other to match him up with other openly gay actors—namely, Jonathan Groff from Glee. But as I started doing more research into these guys’ friendship, I found several reasons why they could be an actual item. More »

Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto Comes Out In Solidarity With ‘It Gets Better’ Teen Jamey Rodemeyer

Star Trek's Zachary Quinto Comes Out In Solidarity With 'It Gets Better' Teen Jamey Rodemeyer

Three weeks ago, Sean Maher (Firefly, The Playboy Club) came out of the closet; over the weekend, Zachary Quinto – arguably the more famous of the two — did the same. It’s really interesting to note the differences in how it happened: Sean sat down with EW for a probing interview, while Zachary slipped that rather significant reveal into a larger profile piece with New York Magazine. More »

15 Unexpected Places to Find Darth Vader

15 Unexpected Places to Find Darth Vader

It’s true: Darth Vader spends a lot of time hanging out on the Death Star, killing minions, destroying planets, and generally causing mayhem. But ever so often, even the Sith Lord needs to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. Where is he likely to go? Well, you may not think it, but sometimes, you’ll find him in these places… More »

I’d LIKE to Go to San Diego Comic-Con, But…

I'd LIKE to Go to San Diego Comic-Con, But...

Hey, guys. It’s Lucia, your friendly neighborhood nerd. Can we talk about fan conventions for a moment? Awesome. Because guess what? San Diego Comic-Con, commonly known as SDCC, is happening this weekend, and as usual I’m bemoaning the fact that I live on the other side of the country. SDCC is the pinnacle of geekdom, a spectacular four-day extravaganza that celebrates comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and all things nerd. This is the magical place where sneak peeks at hotly anticipated new movies happen, where intelligent discussions about the ethical and moral issues faced by superheroes past and present occur, and where fans get to mingle with their favorite actors, writers, artists, and filmmakers. Every year at this time, I bitch about the fact that I’m not there. Here’s the thing: You all know the sorts of things I write about. You know I’m a giant nerd. When I was living in London, I took a day trip out to Cardiff, Wales just to see a temporary exhibit of Doctor Who props and costumes at a random mall. When Return of the King came out, I totally would have done Trilogy Tuesday if I hadn’t been taking a Latin exam while it was happening. I’ve been to many midnight screenings of high-profile geek movies. But you know what?

Cons TERRIFY ME. More »